How do u evaluate something?

To ‘critically evaluate’, you must provide your opinion or verdict on whether an argument, or set of research findings, is accurate. This should be done in as critical a manner as possible. Provide your opinion on the extent to which a statement or research finding is true.

What does evaluate mean Apush?

Talk over; write about. enumerate. Mention or list seperately. evaluate. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

How do you answer a question starting with to what extent?

As you can see in these example structures, you need to:

  1. clearly state the two topics you’re comparing.
  2. mention the topic to which they relate.
  3. have a clear decision about which of the two factors are most important to the topic.

What does extent mean in history?

noun. the space or degree to which a thing extends; length, area, volume, or scope: the extent of his lands; to be right to a certain extent. something extended, as a space; a particular length, area, or volume; something having extension: the limitless extent of the skies.

What does evaluate an assignment mean?

Evaluate. When you evaluate in an essay, decide on your subject’s significance, value, or quality after carefully studying its good and bad features. Use authoritative (eg, from established authors or theorists in the field) and, to some extent, personal appraisal of both contributions and limitations of the subject.

What is evaluate in Dbq?

Assess/Evaluate means to judge the value or character of something/one; evaluate the. positive-negative points; give an opinion; discuss advantages & disadvantages. Compare means to examine for the purpose of similarities and differences.

How do you evaluate RRL?

Criteria to evaluate sources:

  1. Authority: Who is the author? what is his/her credentials–what university he/she is affliliated?
  2. Usefulness: How this source related to your topic?
  3. Reliability: Does the information comes from a reliable, trusted source such as an academic journal?