How do you describe a detail-oriented person?

A detail-oriented person exercises extreme attention to detail. They’re thorough, accurate, organized, and productive. They seek to understand both the cause and effect of a situation.

What does it mean to be too detailed oriented?

WRITTEN BY: Being detail-oriented means you’re not content to accept glossed over, high-level answers or directions and instead prefer to track down, understand, and remember all of the finer details. Detail-oriented people pay close attention to the specifics of problems, questions, and projects.

What are some detail-oriented jobs?

Jobs for detail-oriented employees

  • Pilot.
  • Accountant.
  • Executive assistant.
  • Editor.
  • Auditor.
  • Data analyst.
  • Quality assurance manager.
  • Web developer.

What is the meaning of detail-oriented?

Meaning of detail-oriented in English very interested in and paying a lot of attention to details: He’s very analytical and detail-oriented. They hired a tough, detail-oriented coach.

How do I become detail oriented at work?

How to be more detail-oriented at work

  1. Make sure you understand instructions clearly.
  2. Use a task management system.
  3. Break large projects into smaller tasks and make a plan.
  4. Proofread your work.
  5. Take a break before submitting your work.

What is detail work?

Definition of detail work : decorative work or work done using small pieces Use a small paintbrush for the detail work.

What types of jobs are good for perfectionists?

The following are some of the top careers for perfectionists:

  • Mechanic.
  • Aviation inspector.
  • Tailor.
  • Interpreter.
  • Administrative services manager.
  • Accountant.
  • Executive assistant.
  • Editor.

What do you call someone who is detailed?

meticulous Add to list Share. Someone who is meticulous pays extreme attention to detail.

What do you call someone who is obsessed with details?

A punctilious person pays attention to details.