How do you destroy paper records?

Shredders are considered the best, most effective way to completely destroy confidential documents. There are many household paper shredders on the market. Not only are these appliances affordable, but they also are small enough to fit in any office space within your home.

How do you destroy confidential papers without shredding?

10 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Confidential Documents Without a Shredder

  1. Shred the Waste Using Your Hand.
  2. Burn the Confidential Waste.
  3. Compost the Confidential Documents.
  4. Use a Multi-Cut Scissors to Destroy the Confidential Documents.
  5. Soak the Confidential Documents.
  6. Censoring.
  7. Pulping.

How do I prepare a shredding file?

10-Step Checklist to Prepare for Professional Document Shredding

  1. Determine What Will Be Shredded.
  2. Assess How Much You Have.
  3. Prepare Your Documents.
  4. Make the Appointment.
  5. Show the Technician Where the Papers Are.
  6. Retrieve Any Bins/Storage Containers.
  7. Receive Your Certificate of Destruction.
  8. Thank Your Technician.

What is the thing called that shreds paper?

paper shredder
A paper shredder is a mechanical device used to cut paper into either strips or fine particles. Government organizations, businesses, and private individuals use shredders to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents.

Does bleach destroy paper?

Pour in ½ Gallon (2L) of bleach. Bleach is going to help break down the paper. Commonly used in the recycling of used paper, it will also destroy the colorants of ink. This will guarantee a more complete destruction of any secure information in your documents.

How do you destroy paper at home?

Here are some quick tips.

  1. Shred by hand. This is the most intuitive option, but can be time-consuming and inefficient.
  2. Use paper-shredding scissors. Yes, there are shears that will do the job quicker than by hand!
  3. Burn it. This option is another classic method to rid of your documents.
  4. Dissolve the paper in water.

Do you remove paper clips before shredding?

You do not have to remove staples, paper clips, and binder clips from your documents before the shredding process. At TrueShred, our powerful, state-of-the-art industrial trucks are able to shred paper, hanging file folders, staples, paperclips, and even binder clips at a rate of 8,000 lbs.

Do you need to remove staples before shredding?

No, you do not need to remove staples and other stationery prior to shredding one sheet at a time as this is costly, time consuming and can pose a risk of a data breach. The shredders we use for our document shredding service can shred through staples and all types of stationery.

What is the most secure paper shredder?

Level P-7
Level P-7 is the most secure shredder type available, with shreds of just ≤ 5 mm² particles with width ≤ 1 mm so that a maximum of only 4 characters can be seen on a single shred. A P-7 shredder is the only type of shredder that meets the NSA requirements for shredding classified and confidential information.

What is the difference between a commercial shredder and an industrial shredder?

Industrial shredders destroy documents at a rate of about 5,000 pounds per hour and shred the papers into even smaller pieces than a standard commercial shredder.

Should you own a paper shredder?

A shredder is great to have for personal use in your home and is one of the best assets to have in the fight against identity theft. On the other hand, you may also need a shredder for your business. You may need a heavy-duty shredder if you will be using it for your business or in an industrial setting.