How do you get 1000000 Rubees in Super Paper Mario?

Use his flattening power, then stand completely still as the lasers pass by, then work your way to the door. Once there, enter the code you learned earlier: 41262816. As it just so happens, there is exactly 1,000,000 Rubees inside!

What is the fastest way to get coins in Super Paper Mario?

Enter the Rock Shop you encounter and sell your Gold Bars to the guy there for 15 coins more than you purchased them for. From him you can then buy Puzzle Boxes for three coins and sell them to the Flipside/Flopside Stores for 5 coins (netting +2 coins per box). This is a great way to earn cash in the game.

What’s the passcode for Merlee’s mansion?

The password to the VIP room is 5963. This password can be traded from a worker for 100 Rubees. Mario and Peach soon learn of a secret Rubee vault hidden away in the attic.

Who is the real Merlee in Super Paper Mario?

On the left side of the room, switch to 3D and hit the flip-blocks, then climb them to the top-floor in 2D to find Merlee, or so you think. Answer her questions however you wish to make her reveal her true identity: Mimi, a spider-like creature with a bad attitude.

What is the passcode for Fort Frances in Super Paper Mario?

You’ll soon come across the security-cat for Francis’ first room. Answer “true” to all three of its questions, then type in the pass code you learned from the sign earlier: 2323.

How do you get Dottie in Super Paper Mario?

Catch Card # She is found in Chapter 5-4. She is the last mandatory Pixl that you get. She makes Mario or one of the other characters very small. She is found in the Floro Caverns with Gabbro whom Dottie helped escape from the Floro Sapiens, and is the last mandatory Pixl.

How do you get more HP in Super Paper Mario?

The partner’s maximum HP cannot be upgraded by a level up. Instead, it can only be upgraded by either upgrading the partner to Super Rank or Ultra Rank, or by using HP Plus P badges, which increase the HP of all partners by five each.

How do you find Merlee in Super Paper Mario?

What should I give my Moustafa Paper Mario?

In order to gain an audience, however, he must first exchange items for information from Sheek. If Mario gives Sheek his favorite thing – a Lemon obtained from the oasis in the desert – Sheek will instruct him to purchase a Dried Shroom and a Dusty Hammer, in that order, from the outpost shop.

How do you beat Mimi in Paper Mario?

Mimi has more bark than she does bite. Defeating her is a simple matter of using Thoreau to grab the Rubees she expels and tossing them back at her. After she falls to the ground, you can continue to chuck Rubees, but it’s easier (and quicker) to leap high and land on her head.