How do you get more diamonds in sniper 3D?

The easy and simple way to earn Diamonds and Coins is by reading more numbers of stories and chapters in the game. The resources are earned by completing more chapters and by reading more stories. One should earn enough keys by applying the Sniper 3D Assassin cheats.

How do you get free coins on Sniper 3D?

The most straightforward way to earn free diamonds is to play the game as normal. When you level up in Sniper 3D Assassin, you will receive one or two diamonds. You will also get extra energy, which is helpful to play more missions and complete them. Another way to get free diamonds is to watch ad videos.

How do you get the crow gear in sniper 3D?

Event gear and weapons such as the NEVERMORE gun, and the CROW gear set can be gained by participating in one of our many rotating live events, as well as purchased directly from the package store during exclusive limited time offers.

How do you beat the Arena Challenge in Sniper 3D?

WIN: When you complete all 50 levels. FORFEIT: Whenever you fail a round and decide to forfeit. CASH-OUT: If you decide to cash out before failing a round.

How do you open the piggy bank in sniper 3d?

The piggy bank is available starting from the 8th mission (in the first city), or by unlocking your spec ops missions.

How do you use skull coins in sniper 3d?

Each enemy type will drop different amounts of Skull Coins, so stay alert and attentive on enemies around you, to ensure you can maximize your skull coin gain!…A World Ops match ends when you either:

  1. Reach the Skull Coin cap.
  2. Run out of time.
  3. Get killed by an enemy.
  4. Fail the additional objective (if applicable)

How do I get Nevermore shards?

The Nevermore rifle can be unlocked using Nevermore Shards. These shards are only available through the solo event leaderboard for now, although we also plan to make them available through squad events later down the line. Players will have plenty of opportunities to earn shards regularly over the coming weeks.

How do you get special event gear in sniper 3d?

To obtain special gear from events, you usually have to reach the final milestones, or finish the event in the top leaderboard positions. These might reward you with event items directly, or with special currency (such as Nevermore shards), which are required to purchase the item from the ARSENAL or GEARS STORE.

What are skull coins used for in sniper 3d?

Weapons are bought with a combination of Yellow coin and diamonds, while blue skull coins are used to pay for gear to stop you being killed instantly or for the necessary weapon upgrades. But the REAL cost is TIME, as you progress in 3d Sniper Assassin you get less and less.

How do you get points in sniper 3d assassin?

Headshots: each headshot grants 2 points even if not lethal. Headshots deal double the damage per shot! Kill streaks: you earn +X points per kill streak, X being the number of players you have killed in a streak starting from +2. Revenge kill: killing players who have killed you gives 10 points.

How do you get glacier shards in sniper 3d?

How can you obtain Glacier? The weapon will be using a very similar system as Nevermore. The rifle will be unlocked with Glacier Shards which can be obtained in the weekend events during the launch campaign.

How do you get moneymaker shards in sniper 3d?

The Moneymaker Shards can also be obtained through our Events; completing Milestones, or reaching our Leaderboard, and of course, our Premium+ Subscribers will find them through the Elite Track.