How do you get Tesco vouchers?

How to request your Clubcard vouchers

  1. Go to ‘My Clubcard Account’ or log in to the Tesco Grocery & Clubcard app.
  2. Select the button to turn your Clubcard points into vouchers*
  3. Select ‘Request vouchers’
  4. Your vouchers will appear in your Clubcard account within 24 hours**

Do Tesco still send out vouchers?

We’ll stop sending your offers and vouchers by post. Instead, we’ll send you an email when they’re available in your Clubcard account.

Can you still double up Tesco Clubcard vouchers?

How much do I need to spend at Tesco to get a Clubcard Partner voucher? You need to collect a minimum of 150 Clubcard points (£150 spend at Tesco) to start getting Clubcard vouchers, which you can then double up when you turn it into a Clubcard Partner voucher to spend at Tesco Mobile.

What is a Tesco faster vouchers?

The Faster Vouchers* scheme allows you to request vouchers for your entire points balance (rounded down to the nearest 50p). To get them, log in to the Clubcard app or your online account and say you’d like to turn your points into Faster Vouchers. They’ll appear in your Clubcard account within 24 hours.

Can I get my Tesco vouchers online?

Sign in to your Clubcard account and select ‘Contact preferences’ in the ‘Account management’ section. You can then choose to receive your statements, vouchers and coupons by email, text message or post.

What date do Tesco vouchers come out?

When you earn over 150 points in that three-month period, Tesco will send them as Clubcard vouchers in February, May, August and November to use in store or online.

How many Tesco Clubcard vouchers do I have?

Select ‘My Vouchers’ and you’ll find a list of all your vouchers. You can either print them at home to spend in store or use the voucher codes online.

How does Tesco benefit from Clubcard?

The points gained through the Clubcard are a compelling part of the proposition. In addition, Clubcard data can also help the customer wishing to buy online from Tesco. By giving a Clubcard number, items purchased on the customer’s most recent visits to Tesco stores will be listed as a useful memory jogger.

Can I gift my Tesco Clubcard vouchers to someone else?

No, your Clubcard voucher is applicable to yourself and other travel vouchers are not transferable.