How do you get the first element of a child?

To get the first child element of a specified element, you use the firstChild property of the element:

  1. let firstChild = parentElement.firstChild;
  2. let content = document.getElementById(‘menu’); let firstChild = content.firstChild.nodeName; console.log(firstChild);
  3. #text.

What is first child in Javascript?

The read-only firstChild property of the Node interface returns the node’s first child in the tree, or null if the node has no children. If the node is a Document , this property returns the first node in the list of its direct children.

What does nodeValue do in Javascript?

The nodeValue property sets or returns the value of a node. If the node is an element node, the nodeValue property will return null.

How do you set nodeValue?

Change the Value of an Attribute Unlike element nodes, attribute nodes have text values. The way to change the value of an attribute, is to change its text value. This can be done using the setAttribute() method or setting the nodeValue property of the attribute node.

What is prepend in Javascript?

prepend() The Element. prepend() method inserts a set of Node objects or string objects before the first child of the Element . String objects are inserted as equivalent Text nodes.

What is the difference between first child and first of type?

The :first-child: The :first-child selector is used to select those elements which are the first-child elements. For :first-child selector the must be declared for IE8 and earlier versions. The :first-of-type: The :first-of-type Selector is used to targeting the first child of every element of it’s parent.

Is HTMLCollection an array?

An HTMLCollection is not an Array! An HTMLCollection may look like an array, but it is not. You can loop through an HTMLCollection and refer to its elements with an index. But you cannot use Array methods like push(), pop(), or join() on an HTMLCollection.

Is nodeValue same as value?

The value of an input element is available from its value property. nodeValue is a property of all DOM nodes, and not relevant to input elements.

What is difference between value and nodeValue?

For the document itself, nodeValue returns null . For text, comment, and CDATA nodes, nodeValue returns the content of the node. For attribute nodes, the value of the attribute is returned….Value.

Node Value of nodeValue
ProcessingInstruction Entire content excluding the target
Text Content of the text node

Is nodeValue the same as value?

What is nodeType in JavaScript?

Definition and Usage The nodeType property returns the node type, as a number, of the specified node. If the node is an element node, the nodeType property will return 1. If the node is an attribute node, the nodeType property will return 2. If the node is a text node, the nodeType property will return 3.

What is difference between prefix and prepend?

As verbs the difference between prefix and prepend is that prefix is to determine beforehand; to set in advance while prepend is (computing|linguistics|transitive) to attach (an expression, phrase, etc) to another, as a prefix or prepend can be (rare|transitive) to premeditate; to weigh up mentally.