How do you get the small chainsaw in Dead Rising?

In Dead Rising, the Small Chainsaw spawns at the Space Rider in Wonderland Plaza after defeating the psychopathic clown Adam MacIntyre. In Chop Till You Drop, the small chainsaw spawns next to the fruits in the Security Room.

Where can I find a chainsaw in Dead Rising 3?

There is a meat cleaver in the kitchen area of the restaurant, and a chainsaw can be found at Big Buck Hardware in Sunset Hills. Once Nick brings him both items, he will combine them to create a new combo weapon.

Does the small chainsaw Respawn?

The mini-chainsaws will respawn at the entrance of the Wonderland Space Ride as well. Anytime you exit Wonderland (go to the Food Court or North Plaza) and come back into Wonderland, a new mini-chainsaw will be waiting for you at the entrance of the Space ride.

What is the best weapon in Dead Rising?

Top 10 Weapons of Dead Rising

  1. Excavator. There is no stopping the excavator.
  2. Ceremonial Sword. Revered by yellow cultists the mall over, the Ceremonial Sword is truly a special blade.
  3. Showerhead.
  4. Lawn Mower.
  5. Frying Pan.
  6. Gumball Machine.
  7. Hedge Clippers.
  8. Sickle.

How do you unlock infinity mode in Dead Rising?

Infinity Mode is a mode of gameplay in Dead Rising that becomes available after completing Overtime Mode.

How do you get the laser sword in Dead Rising?

The Laser Sword is unlocked after completing the 5 Day Survivor achievement/trophy in Infinity Mode, and will respawn in the Security Room. In Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, it is unlocked by completing Odd Jobs with an S Rank in all missions.

Where can I find an acetylene tank in Dead Rising 3?


  • Aduna’s Boxing Gym.
  • Big Buck Hardware.
  • Big Buck Construction Site.
  • Big Buck Heavy Equipment Rentals.
  • Bite the Bull.
  • Collector’s House.
  • Collins Chemical.
  • Crystal of the Sea.

Where is the hardware store Dead Rising 3?

Survivor(s) Big Buck Hardware is a store in Dead Rising 3. A stranded survivor, Mila, can be found inside the store at the Ingleton location during Chapter 2. There is also a store location in Sunset Hills. At the Sunset Hills location, there is a Frank Statue in the supply yard, on a pile of lumber.

Does the small chainsaw Respawn Dead Rising?

Will it respawn at the Wonderland Plaza again? Yes it will where it was like every other special weapon dropped by psycho/boss.

How do you get 7 days on Survivor?

Item unlocked 7 Day Survivor is an achievement/trophy in Dead Rising. It is unlocked by surviving for a period of at least seven days in Infinity Mode. Frank will receive Arthur’s Boxers as a reward.