How do you improve 5-a-side in football?

Here are 10 golden tips for improving your chances, without having to get any fitter.

  1. 1) Pass don’t shoot.
  2. 2) Shoot don’t pass.
  3. 3) Counter-attack, but counter-defend too.
  4. 4) Backwards not forwards.
  5. 5) Use the central strip.
  6. 6) Goalkeepers, get in shape.
  7. 7) Goalkeepers, lie down.
  8. 8) Vacate stale space.

What are 5 skills you need for football?


  • Passing and receiving.
  • Shooting.
  • Decision making.
  • Dribbling.
  • Heading.
  • Touch and ball control.
  • Skills and tricks.
  • Running off the ball.

How do you score more goals in five a side?

Rule #1 in 5-a-side football is to play as one, be it in attack or defence. You may be an attacking player, but you need the other three outfield players (and even the goalkeeper, at times) to be successful in front of goal. Create strategies and tactics prior to the game, and stick to them.

What are the 7 skills of football?

The first part of the book covers the characters, how to choose your first club, and football’s seven basic techniques and skills: passing, dribbling, shooting, controlling, heading, goalkeeping and tackling.

What makes a good 5-a-side player?

Having a quality first touch is paramount, and you’ll see players who have great control of the ball really stand out in your game. The better 5-a-side players also tend to make a lot of use of the sole of their foot when playing. It offers you the option to control the ball in almost any direction at almost any time.

How do you tackle in 5-a-side?

The trick to defending in 5-a-side football is to press the attacker at an arm’s length distance, which will give the defender enough space to make a tackle or track the attacker if he performs a trick to dribble past him. Make the attacker shoot or pass on his weaker foot.

What are football skills?

The most efficient and basic skills for football is to dribble the ball, keeping it in possession. Run with the ball, is not as simple as it sounds, it needs good control, balance, coordination. To get a grab on it, move up and down the pitch with the ball in possession and maintain your control.

What is the basic skill of football?

Players can work on their core skills such as running with the ball, first touch, striking the ball and 1v1 moves, as well as improving their ball control by learning how to juggle and do tricks.

What makes a good 5 a side player?

How to get better at 5-a-side football?

Get a decent keeper Having a good 5-a-side goalkeeper between the sticks is one of the simplest ways for your side to get a lot better. The keeper has a massive impact on the game. 2. Block party Goalkeeping in 5-a-side is rarely about making full-length diving saves.

How to defend in 5 a side football?

5-a-side Football Defending Tips. 1 1. Defend as a team. This is absolutely crucial. When you lose the ball you all defend. Teams that all get back quickly behind the ball are a 2 2. Press with purpose. 3 3. Keep a player at the back at all times. 4 4. Don’t dive in for the tackle. 5 5. Show them onto their weaker foot.

How important is the mental side of football?

The mental side of the game is just as important as the physical. We spoke to Adam Butterworth, regional manager of Goals Soccer Centres and a former pro footballer who holds a UEFA B coaching badge. He highlights the key areas of tactics, technique and fitness you can work on to raise your game.

Why is a good 5-a-side goalkeeper so important?

Having a good 5-a-side goalkeeper between the sticks is one of the simplest ways for your side to get a lot better. The keeper has a massive impact on the game.