How do you introduce your age in Spanish?

“I have 38 years.” If you want to ask someone their age in Spanish you would say “¿Cuántos años tiene usted?” If that person is a friend you would say “¿Cuántos años tienes?” I hope this helped.

What does mija mean in Spanish?

my daughter

Do you use ser for age?

When not to use ser or estar: Age In Spanish, to talk about your age, you’ll need the Spanish verb tener. For example: English: I’m 25 years old. Español: Tengo 25 años.

How do you describe your age in Spanish?

To say an age, you use tener (number) años, putting the correct number for the person’s age before the word años .

How do you say 11in Spanish?

Click on this link to hear numbers said in Spanish….

1 uno/a (OO-noh)
8 ocho (O-cho)
9 nueve (NWAI-be)
10 diez (DYESS)
11 once (OHN-say)

Is Spanish written in English?

9 Answers. Thankfully, the letters in the spanish alphabet are the same as in English. The only reason they appear in a list of the alphabet is because these pairs of letters create a particular sound when used together, so therefore they are sometimes included in the alphabet due to their particular sound.

What word comes first in Spanish sentences?

In both English and Spanish questions, the verb typically comes before the subject. Spanish speakers often place the verb of a sentence first when the subject includes a relative clause.

How do you form words in Spanish?

5 Simple Rules You Must Learn to Build Basic Spanish Sentences

  1. Every Spanish sentence needs a subject and a verb.
  2. Adjectives come after nouns in Spanish sentences.
  3. Adverbs function in Spanish like they do in English.
  4. To make a Spanish sentence negative, add “no” before the verb.
  5. There are three ways to make questions in Spanish.