How do you make a pencil stand step by step?

Cut open a paper bag and lay it flat on a table. Cut a sheet from the paper bag about 1″ longer than the can is tall and 8″ wide. Step 2: Lay the pencil near the end of the paper, and tightly roll the paper around the pencil. Step 3: Put some wood glue on the very end of the paper and finish rolling the tube.

How do you make a pencil case?

To make a pencil case, start by cutting an empty paper towel roll from top to bottom so you can open it into a flat sheet. Then, get a zipper, and glue one half to one of the cut edges on the paper towel roll and the other half on the other cut edge.

How do you make a pencil holder out of a plastic bottle?

Press the bottle, cut-side-down against the bottom of the iron. Every couple of seconds, lift the bottle to see the progress. As the plastic warms up, it will start to curl in on itself, creating a neat rim. Turn the iron off and let the bottle cool before you start decorating it.

What are pencil holders made of?

Pencil cases can be made from a variety of materials such as wood or metal. Some pencil cases have a hard and rigid shell encasing the pens inside, while others use a softer material such as plastic, leather or cotton.

How do you make a plastic bottle pencil holder?

How do you make a pencil holder out of toilet paper rolls?

How to make your own pencil pot case:

  1. Cut the toilet rolls to size. Carefully measure and cut the toilet roll tubes down to several different lengths.
  2. Paint the insides of the tubes.
  3. Cover the outsides with wrapping paper.
  4. Glue the tubes together.
  5. Stick on the base.
  6. Pop some pens in!

How do you make a rabbit bottle?


  1. Print out bunny ear printable (get them here)
  2. Cut a set of ears out for each water bottle.
  3. Cut pipe cleaners in half.
  4. Twist two pipe cleaners together in the middle to make bunny whiskers.
  5. Glue Pom Pom onto twisted pipe cleaner bunny whiskers.
  6. Glue eyes and nose/whiskers onto the water bottle.