How do you play multiple sounds simultaneously in unity?

How to play multiple sounds simultaneously

  1. public AudioClip mysound;
  2. private AudioSource source;
  3. public AudioClip collision_sound;
  4. void update ()
  5. {
  6. if (! source. isPlaying) {
  7. source. clip = mysound;
  8. source. Play ();

Can an AudioSource play multiple sounds?

Multiple sounds can be played on one AudioSource using PlayOneShot. You can play a clip at a static position in 3D space using PlayClipAtPoint.

How do I manage sound in unity?

  1. #1 Use Play One Shot effectively.
  2. #2 Structure Audio Mixers for better performance.
  3. #3 Pause all of the game’s audio easily, except for the menu sounds.
  4. #4 Soften 3D sounds with the Audio Source Spread setting.
  5. #5 Create audio zones using only primitive colliders.
  6. #6 Stitch Audio Clips together seamlessly.

How do you add audio sources in unity?

To add an Audio Source Component:

  1. Select GameObject menu > Audio > Audio Source.
  2. Assign the previously imported audio file to the Audio Clip property of the Audio Source Component in the Inspector.
  3. Adjust any settings for the audio clip for the GameObject.

How do I add sound to Unity game?

To create a new Audio Source:

  1. Import your audio files into your Unity Project.
  2. Go to GameObject and click Create Empty from the menu.
  3. With the new GameObject selected in the inspector, click Add Component.
  4. You can search for Audio Source and select this.
  5. Assign your AudioClip to the Audio Source.

What is audio source in unity?

An AudioSource is attached to a GameObject for playing back sounds in a 3D environment. In order to play 3D sounds you also need to have a AudioListener. The audio listener is normally attached to the camera you want to use. Whether sounds are played in 3D or 2D is determined by AudioImporter settings.

How do I add sound to animation in unity?

Set the audio clip array size and then drag and drop all the audio clips you want to play into their respective boxes.

  1. Go to the animation window.
  2. Find the animation you want to add a sound to, or create a new one.
  3. Click the Add Property button, expand the script and add the Sound To Play property.