How do you pronounce Godiva in Belgium?

The name seems so straightforward, and if you’re from the States or the U.K., you probably read it as God-EYE-vuh, but if you’re from Belgium—where the 90-year-old brand is based—you know it as Go-DEE-vuh.

Is Godiva real Belgian chocolate?

Nearly 100 years after being founded in Brussels, we continue to honor our Belgian roots by ensuring that every piece of GODIVA is bursting with quality, Belgian craftsmanship, and the world’s finest ingredients.

What is the most famous Belgian chocolate?

Top chocolate brands

  • Côte d’Or. On 24 April 1883 Charles Neuhaus registered the Côte d’Or brand.
  • Godiva. The Godiva Chocolatier story is the story of a craftsman chocolate maker, whose name has become a symbol of luxury and prestige the world over.
  • Leonidas.
  • Mary.
  • Neuhaus.

What does the word Godiva mean?

Definition of Godiva : an English earl’s wife who in legend rode naked through Coventry to save its citizens from a tax.

Is there a lawsuit against Godiva?

Consumers nationwide who purchased Godiva chocolates between 2015 and 2021 may be eligible to claim up to $25 with proof of purchase thanks to a recent class action settlement. The Class is made up of all individuals who purchased any of the covered Godiva chocolate products between Jan.

How did Godiva get its name?

Godiva chocolates were named after Lady Godiva. Draps selected the name Godiva for his chocolate company. His inspiration came from the well-known Saxon legend of Lady Godiva who rode unclothed through the streets of Coventry to entreat her husband, Leofric the Dane, to lower taxes.

Is Lindt Belgian chocolate?

Belgian chocolate is often dark and they have a competitive advantage when it comes to pralines. The famous Swiss chocolate brands are Lindt, Nestle, Suchard, Halba, Toblerone etc. and Belgium are Neuhaus, Godiva, Guylian, Leonidas etc.

Who owns Godiva?

Yıldız Holding
Godiva Chocolatier/Parent organizations