How do you reset a Codelock?

How to Change Codelock 500 Code Guide

  1. Take your PushButton 500 lock off the door by unscrewing the 2 bolts in the backplate.
  2. Press the C button to reset the chamber and place the lock case on a flat surface with the buttons down.
  3. Remove the 4 red screws and carefully lift off the code chamber plate.

How do you change the code on a code lock?

How to Set a Combination Lock

  1. Pull up the shackle to unlock.
  2. Rotate the shackle 90 degrees counterclockwise and press down.
  3. Hold down and continue to turn the counterclockwise another 90 degrees.
  4. Set your own combination by turning the dials.
  5. Turn the shackle back as normal then the setting is complete.

How do you unlock a code lock?

KEY OVER-RIDE For the CL5000 and CL4000 the Key-in-Lever allows the lock to be opened for Security and Housekeeping Functions. Turn the key clockwise 90º and depress the lever handle to open the door.

How do I unlock a coded door lock?


  1. Attempt to enter the correct code on the keypad.
  2. Look for the door’s bypass key.
  3. Contact the manufacturing company if you cannot remember your code.
  4. Input the new code given to you for confirmation.
  5. Pull the handle and attempt to open the door.

How do you unlock a 4 digit lock?

How to Unlock a Four-Number Combination Lock

  1. Step 1: Find your combo number.
  2. Step 2: Enter the combination’s initial digit.
  3. Step 3: Enter the combination’s second digit.
  4. Step 4: Enter the combination’s third digit.
  5. Step 5: Enter the combination’s fourth digit.
  6. Step 6: Unshackle the bind.

How do you open a 4 digit lock?

How to Open a 4 Number Combination Lock

  1. Look for your combination number.
  2. Set the first digit of the combination.
  3. Set the second digit of the combination.
  4. Set the third digit of the combination.
  5. Set the fourth digit of the combination.
  6. Pull the shackle to unlock.

What is the door code?

Your door code is a numeric code stored on the locks of the units you have access to. If you enter this code on the keypad of a lock that belongs to a unit you have access to, the lock will unlock.

How do you program a door lock?

  1. #1: Make sure that the door is open and unlocked.
  2. #2: Enter the programming code.
  3. #3: Press the lock button.
  4. #4: Press the “3” button.
  5. #5: Press the lock button.
  6. #6: Enter the access code you want to change.
  7. #7: Press the lock button.
  8. #8: Re-enter the programming code.