How do you use alloy in a sentence?

Alloy sentence example

  1. The alloy with 12% of silicon is white, hard and brittle.
  2. Sometimes the whole alloy is a uniform solid solution.
  3. The alloy of silver and copper is called sterling silver.

Can alloy be an adjective?

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb alloy which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. mixed.

What does it mean to allot something?

Definition of allot transitive verb. 1 : to assign as a share or portion allot 10 minutes for the speech. 2 : to distribute by or as if by lot allot seats to the press. Other Words from allot Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About allot.

What alloy means?

alloy, metallic substance composed of two or more elements, as either a compound or a solution. The components of alloys are ordinarily themselves metals, though carbon, a nonmetal, is an essential constituent of steel.

How do you use allay in a sentence?

Allay sentence example

  1. Elisabeth stood at the piano which did nothing to allay his anxiety.
  2. A lotion of sodium bicarbonate is useful to allay itching.
  3. These liberal arrangements, however, did not entirely allay the discontent.
  4. But nothing could now allay the inextinguishable hatred of the conquered people.

Is alloy homogeneous or heterogeneous?

homogeneous mixture
An Alloy is a homogeneous mixture because its composition is uniform.

Is an alloy a mixture?

Alloys are mixtures of metals or a mixture of a metal and another element. An alloy may be a solid solution of metal elements (a homogeneous mixture) or a mixture of metallic phases (a heterogeneous mixture of two or more solutions).

What is meaning of overenthusiastic?

overly enthusiastic
Definition of overenthusiastic : having or showing an excessive degree of enthusiasm : overly enthusiastic …

Is the word a lot one word?

“A lot” is always two words. “Allot” means to give or apportion something to someone as a share or task. It can also mean to appropriate for a special purpose.

Are alloys heterogeneous?

Is alloy a mixture?

An alloy is a mixture of two or more metals,or a metal and a nonmetal, in which the composition of each element used is uniform throughout the volume. Brass(copper and zinc),bronze(copper and tin) and steel(iron and carbon) are a few examples of alloys.

What is an alloy and why are they important?

Alloys are important because they have properties that differ from those of pure metals. Because of these properties, they can be adapted to specific uses where a pure metal would be either unsuitable or cost-prohibitive. An alloy is a metal composed of more than one element and may have properties different from those of its parent elements.

What does the name alloy mean?

The meaning of the term ‘alloy’ is a substance that formed from the combination of two or more metals. Alloys can also be formed from combinations of metals and other elements. The properties of alloys are often quite different from the properties of its individual components.

What the term alloy is used to describe?

Copper (Cu) – 75%

  • Tin (Sn) – up to 12%
  • Other elements such as manganese,aluminium,zinc,nickel,silicon,phosphorus,and arsenic
  • What are examples of alloys and their uses?

    Manufacturing of kitchenware

  • Manufacturing of hardware
  • Manufacturing of plumbing
  • Manufacturing of construction materials
  • Manufacturing of transport materials,automobile parts,etc.
  • Manufacturing of weapons
  • Manufacturing of furniture
  • Manufacturing of heating appliance
  • Manufacturing of silverware
  • Manufacturing of wearable ornaments