How do you use sophisticated in a sentence?

  1. Marketing techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated.
  2. Clarissa’s hair was swept up into a sophisticated style.
  3. I never enjoys reading sophisticated novels.
  4. Mark is a smart and sophisticated young man.
  5. Mr.
  6. She was slim, svelte, and sophisticated.

What is a Kairos in an essay?

Kairos is timeliness, appropriateness, decorum, symmetry, balance—awareness of the rhetorical situation or “the circumstances that open moments of opportunity” (Kinneavy; Sipiora; Vatz; Bitzer; Hill 217). Kairos means taking advantage of or even creating a perfect moment to deliver a particular message.

What information is missing from this introduction to a rhetorical analysis essay?

Explanation: The above shows that, the information that is missing from the introduction to the rhetorical analysis essay happens to be the claims about the strategies being used. That is, if the said strategies happens to be effective or not effective.

What is God’s time called?


What happens during Kairos?

The point of Kairos is basically to help strip away all prior judgement from the people they are surrounded by on a daily basis. They put these students in a setting, where by the end of the retreat, they can feel comfortable enough to openly talk to the people they are with without being judged or looked down upon.

How is Kairos used in advertising?

Kairos is a persuasive technique that uses takes advantage using the perfect timing to encourage people to act or make a decision. In this advertisement released by the Salvation Army of South America, it depicts a women wearing “The Dress”, the result of a 2015 wide-spread social media craze.

How do you put sophistication in an essay?

College Board then advises that the essays that earn the sophistication point should employ “a style that is consistently vivid and persuasive.” So this means that one way students could earn the sophistication point is to write complex and complicated sentences that actually enhance their argument rather than run the …

How Luce uses this introduction to prepare the audience for her message?

The opening paragraph presents a series of choices that Luce makes to prepare the audience: “she employs the fact that they invited her there to speak, a strong consideration for their feelings, praises of their profession, and a clear plea for open mindedness.” The second paragraph effectively explains Luce’s “paradox …