How do you use the tactical visor in Battlefield 4 ps4?

Whatever, the invisible tactical visor is a bug when you enable it in the options to just click the key to use the visor, not to hold it to aim. Just set it to hold key then the tactical visor should work.

How do I make BF4 less blurry?

Re: BF4 is blurry with new monitor

  1. Unplug the wire from both the PC and the monitor and reconnect them, this will see if it is just a loose connection or not.
  2. Try re-installing your graphics driver.
  3. Try playing in either windowed or border-less windowed mode.

Can you change your FOV in Battlefield 4?

The fact that you can’t change the FOV in the campaign however is complete stupidity. In front of a monitor it’s necessary to at least get the option to increase it. In front of a monitor it’s really nauseating when it’s this low.

How do I get better at BF4 ps4?

10 expert tips for Battlefield 4

  1. Balance your squad.
  2. Take out tanks in pairs.
  3. Never drive alone.
  4. For the love of God!
  5. Use map-specific weapons.
  6. Use vehicles in Obliteration.
  7. Make the perfect Assault class.
  8. Make the perfect Engineer class.

Does Battlefield 4 support PS4 controller?

Re: Battlefield 4 controller mixed inputs Dont know the brand/model of the controller you have now, as you didnt specify it, but both aka the Xbox One and PS4 controllers works fine for playing BF4 on PC! Some guiding steps: You will need to connect the controller via the USB cable to your PC!

What is the best FOV for Battlefield 4?

At ADS, at close range, it is best to stick to 60 FOV. Zoomed in at 60 FPS, it is once again easy to take a shot at a close target without doing anything else. However, the view does not change when you switch to 90 or 120 FOV. Therefore, when you zoom in your sight, FOV defaults to a preset setting.

What is the default FOV in Battlefield 4?

Personally, I’m not sure why the default FOV is 70. When I upped it 90, the entire feel of the game changed for the best. When I played at 70, I never realized it, but I felt so confined, almost claustrophobic.