How do you write an introduction for a PTE essay?

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Is Pte exam hard?

My personal opinion says PTE as an exam is tougher than IELTS. But, at the same time, scoring in PTE is much easier than IELTS. You can use the free EDX IELTS test preparation courses online to improve your score. Since PTE is a computer-based test, the chances of human bias while scoring is almost negligible.

What is a good score in PTE?


Is Pte tougher than ielts?

IELTS and PTE Academic are fairly equal in terms of scoring. There are however sections that are more difficult or easier than the others. In my experience of working with test-takers, IELTS tends to be more difficult in the writing section. The standards for IETLS in the writing sections is very high.

In which countries is Pte valid?

Australia, USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand are some countries that accept the PTE exam and are popular within non-native aspirants who desire to go for studies or immigration purposes.

What is the format of PTE exam?

PTE Exam – Exam Format The PTE exam consists of three main parts – Speaking & Writing, Reading and Listening, which the candidates need to complete in 3 hours with an optional 10 minutes break between the reading and listening parts.

How can I study for PTE?

Make the most of those spare minutes to practice your skills.Complete 5 or 10 minute practice activities each day to keep building your knowledge.Practice speaking English at your home, school or workplace.Join English-speaking groups, they offer the opportunity to practice both speaking and listening skills.

How many types of PTE are there?

The PTE exam is conducted in 3 formats: PTE Academic Exam, PTE General Exam, PTE young learners.

Is there any negative marking in PTE?

The test does not have any negative markings. However, 3 sections – Multiple choice questions in reading, multiple-choice questions in listening and Highlight incorrect words, carry negative marking. Learn more about PTE exam: What is PTE Exam?

Which exam is easier PTE or ielts?

The short answer to this question is NO. The difficulty of IELTS compared to PTE is the same. Neither test is easier than the other. They are both demanding and require fundamental skill building as well as knowledge of the test format.

How much time do you need to prepare for PTE?

4-6 weeks

How much time it takes to get Pte result?

2 days

How much is 6 each in PTE?

Score Comparison – IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE AcademicIELTSTOEFLPTE A7.562773 – – – – 583

Is 50 Pte easy to score?

No. It is not at all difficult to score 50+ in PTE, if one has knowledge about basics of English . In case of PTE also , one requires rigorous practice . One needs to polish his four of the skills i.e Reading, Writing , Speaking and Listening.