How far apart should LTE MIMO antennas be?

Answer: Spacing them 3 feet apart is great and facing one tower you will get MIMO, pointing to 2 towers will also work because you will get signal from the best tower (MIMO will figure out which one is best).

What is correlation in antenna?

The antenna correlation coefficient (ACC) is an important antenna parameter, and it is a measure of the independence between adjacent antennas. The lower the ACC, the more independent the antennas are of each other.

Does MIMO require multiple antennas?

MIMO radio systems utilize multiple antennas in order to send and receive multiple data streams at once. The number of antennas needed is defined by the radio manufacturer based on what they determine will work for optimal transmission and reception with their particular hardware and software.

How do you reduce mutual coupling in MIMO antenna?

The 2 × 3 matrix of C-shaped resonator (CSR) is proposed and placed between the antenna elements over the substrate, to reduce the mutual coupling and enhance the isolation between the antennas. More than 30 dB isolation between the array elements is achieved at the resonant frequency for both of the configurations.

Do I need two antennas for LTE?

When designing in an LTE or 3G cellular module, using two antennas always offer the best possible signal reception and module performance. For LTE modules, usage of two antennas are mandatory if you want to take full potential in terms of signal quality and downlink data throughput.

What is MIMO correlation?

Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas are commonly evaluated by using the correlation coefficient. However, the correlation has several different definitions and calculation methods, and this misleads the real performance of the MIMO antennas.

What is spatial correlation in MIMO?

In wireless communication, spatial correlation is the correlation between a signal’s spatial direction and the average received signal gain.

Is MIMO smart antenna technology?

Smart antenna techniques, such as multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, can extend the capabilities of 3G and 4G systems to provide customers with increased data throughput for mobile high-speed data applications.

Are MIMO antennas effective?

MIMO is a very clever RF technique that effectively doubles the bandwidth of a radiated 4G carrier. It is not available for 3G in Australia. A MIMO antenna installation may double the download speed at your location. Effectively it is something for nothing, (well almost nothing).

What is mutual coupling reduction?

Meander lines (MLs) in two configurations are presented to reduce the mutual coupling (MC) between two microstrip patch antenna elements. Inserting a slot in the ground plane between the antenna elements is a simple method to reduce the MC, while adding the MLs in the slot of the ground can further reduce the MC.

What is mutual coupler?

Mutual coupling is the electromagnetic interaction between the antenna elements in an array. The current developed in each antenna element of an array depends on their own excitation and also on the contributions from adjacent antenna elements.