How fast does a Caravelle boat go?

Caravelle Interceptor 232 LS: Runabout goes high-performance. Top speed for the boat was 54 mph.

What kind of boat is a Caravelle?

Select a Caravelle Boats Model Providing runabout watercraft to the United States market since 1966, Caravelle Boats has expanded into deck boats and fishing boats in recent years. Modern amenities such as MP3 capable Kenwood stereo systems and in-floor storage are available on recent Caravelle models.

Do Caravelle boats have wood in them?

Caravelle uses a material called Nida-Core in most places you would typically find wood in a boat’s construction. Nida-Core is a synthetic honeycomb material that has a number of advantages over wood and can be found in the construction of automobiles, surfboards and even satellite dishes.

When did Caravelle boats go out of business?

Caravelle Boats began in 1966 and at the time were manufactured in Conway AR by Centark Industries which went out of business in 1982.

Who owns Caravelle?

AMERICUS, Ga. — Caravelle Powerboats reported this week that it is under new ownership. Eugene Sak and Duane Sak of Florence, Ala., purchased the brand. The brothers own and operate several business units that include elevators and metal fabrication.

Is Caravelle boat company still in business?

The company closed in 2012, but in 18 months, they’ve gone from five employees and two dealers, to 143 employees and 50 dealers.

Are Caravelle boats still made?

Are Caravelle boats still made? Come back to the present day and Caravelle Boats is still manufacturing the runabout boat you’re looking for. Caravelle Boats prides themselves in the design of your runabout boat.

How much does a Caravelle boat weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
2000 CC(*) 20′ 2600
210 LX WI(*) 21′ 3800
2100 WA(*) 21′ 2900
2100 WI CC(*) 21′ 2900

Are Caravelle boats WooD free?

100% WooD-Free coNsTrUcTIoN Caravelle Powerboats is committed to producing the finest quality boats on the water. Superior craftsmanship and premium materials are built into every model. Our 100% Wood-Free construction process is proven technology that provides the ultimate in strength and durability.

How do you say Caravelle?


  1. IPA: /ka.raˈvɛl.le/
  2. Rhymes: -ɛlle.
  3. Hyphenation: ca‧ra‧vèl‧le.

Who makes Caravelle Interceptor?

Dek Designs
Caravelle 232 Interceptor — Dek Designs.