How fast does Prunus Nigra grow?

Nigra is a relatively fast-growing tree, with attractive spreading proportions, reaching a medium-large size in 5-10 years and quickly becoming an attractive and distinctive addition to the garden.

Is Prunus Nigra an evergreen?

We utilise green life freight companies to deliver beyond that point into country Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland….Prunus cerasifera ‘Nigra’

Common Name Black Cherry Plum
Mature Size 5 x 4m
Family Rosaceae 93
Genus Prunus 55
Species Cerasifera 5

How do you prune prunus Cerasifera nigra?

Pruning Prunus cerasifera Nigra Trees After two to three years, you will only need to remove any damaged or unwanted branches. Carry out pruning after flowering i.e. after the petals have dropped but before the new shoot growth appears.

Are black cherry plums edible?

Cherry plum is often grown as an ornamental tree. It can grow to 8m tall. Twigs are green and covered in fine down when young. Cherry plums can be eaten raw or used to make wines or jams.

How do you take care of Prunus Cerasifera?

Choose a sunny site with well-drained soil that is protected from strong winds. To get the richest leaf color and best flowering, grow in full sun. Ornamental plums can grow in shade, but the foliage will tend to remain green in shady locations. Give your plum tree plenty of space for roots as well as crown.

How do you look after Prunus Cerasifera?

Cherry plum care is just like care for any cherry or plum tree. They prefer sandy soils and should be watered in times of drought. Many varieties of cherry plum require a nearby cherry or plum tree for pollination in order to bear fruit.

How fast do Prunus Cerasifera trees grow?

Growing around 20-30cm a year it develops from a conical shape turning in maturity into a rounded crown with a fully mature height of around 5 to 7m with a 3 to 6m spread.

Do ornamental plum trees need pruning?

Pruning an ornamental plum tree encourages flower bud and fruit growth, but also maintains the plant’s size and shape, especially in hedges and landscapes. Pruning trees regularly not only improves appearance, it keeps them from becoming safety hazards.

Are cherry plum trees invasive?

Although cherry plum trees may crowd out some native trees and shrubs, they usually grow quite sparsely, and so have a lesser impact than plants that grow in dense patches. Control cannot be achieved by simply cutting trees down, as the plant will resprout from trunks and roots.