How is Donatus of Hesse related to Prince Philip?

He is a distant cousin of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, whose funeral he attended. The two are related through the Duke’s British-born mother and a Hessian princess by birth, Princess Alice of Greece and Denmark.

Who is the head of the House of Hesse?

Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse
Since 23 May 2013, the head of the house has been Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse. He descends from the Hesse-Kassel branch of the family, which has been the genealogically senior male line since the house’s major partition in 1567.

Who is the Landgrave of Hesse?

Philip, byname Philip the Magnanimous, German Philipp der Grossmütige, (born November 13, 1504, Marburg, Hesse [Germany]—died March 31, 1567, Kassel), landgrave (Landgraf) of Hesse (1509–67), one of the great figures of German Protestantism, who championed the independence of German princes against the Holy Roman …

Where is the house of Hesse?

The House of Hesse-Kassel (Hessen-Cassel) is a noble family of Germany, with a Swedish royal lineage. It was formed by a 16th century subdivision of the House of Hesse, that established the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel in 1567.

How is Bernard Prince of Baden related to Prince Philip?

Through his paternal grandmother, Princess Theodora, Bernhard was a great-nephew of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The Duke often went to Germany to shoot with the family. In 2021, Bernhard was one of only 30 mourners at his great-uncle’s funeral at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

How is Bernhard hereditary prince of Baden related to Prince Philip?

Prince Bernhard is the grandson of the duke’s second sister Theodora. Prince Bernhard, born in Germany, is the eldest son of Maximilian, Margrave of Baden, and Archduchess Valerie of Austria. He is a great-nephew of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

When did Hessen become part of Germany?

During the Austro-Prussian War of 1866, Hesse fought on the side of Austria, and in 1867 Hesse’s territories north of the Main River joined the North German Confederation, whose foreign policy was made and conducted out of Berlin. The entirety of the Grand Duchy of Hesse joined the German Empire in 1871.

Where is Hesse and Rhine?

western Germany
The Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine (German: Großherzogtum Hessen und bei Rhein) was a grand duchy in western Germany that existed from 1806 to 1918.

What did Philip of Hesse do and why?

Philip of Hesse, (born Nov. 13, 1504, Marburg, Hesse—died March 31, 1567, Kassel, Ger.), German nobleman, landgrave of Hesse, and champion of the Reformation. His skillful management made Hesse a sovereign state. Won to the cause of Martin Luther, Philip became a Reformation leader in Germany.

What does the term Landgrave mean?

landgrave, feminine landgravine, a title of nobility in Germany and Scandinavia, dating from the 12th century, when the kings of Germany attempted to strengthen their position in relation to that of the dukes (Herzoge).

Where does the Landgrave of Hesse live?

We are kind of far away in Germany,” admits His Royal Highness Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse, cousin of the Windsors in England and half the royal families in Europe. Indeed, much of his family’s extensive property lies in rural areas outside Frankfurt.

Who were the German relatives attending Prince Philip’s funeral?

They were Bernhard, hereditary prince of Baden, Prince Philipp of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, and Prince Donatus, landgrave of Hesse.

How old is Prince Donatus of Hesse?

Donatus, Prince and Landgrave of Hesse (Heinrich Donatus Philipp Umberto; born 17 October 1966) is the head of the House of Brabant and the German House of Hesse. He is the eldest son and successor of German aristocrat Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse, and his former wife, Princess Tatiana of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

Who is Donatus Landgrave of Hesse?

Who is Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse? Donatus, Prince and Landgrave of Hesse was born on October 17, 1966. Born Heinrich Donatus Philipp Umberto; he is the eldest son of German aristocrat Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse. As the great-grandson of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, he is named in part after Georg Donatus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse.

How did Prince Donatus become the head of the Hesse-Cassel line?

Prince Donatus’ father became the head of the Hesse-Cassel line on the death of his own father, Landgrave Philipp in 1980.

Who is Prince Phillip’s Funeral Guest Donatus Landgrave of Hesse?

PRINCE Phillip’s funeral takes place on Saturday, April 17th, with thirty guests set to attend. Donatus, Landgraave of Hesse is one of the guests who will be in attendance- here’s everything you need to know about him & his relation to the Duke of Edinburgh. Who is Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse?