How is Gorilla Glass tested?

It presents three tests — the Taber Test, the Garnet Test, and the Tumble Test — and their results. In the Taber Test, which measures wear from prolonged abrasion, Gorilla Glass 3 appears visibly less scratched than Gorilla Glass 4, and Gorilla Glass 5 looks to be somewhere in between the two.

How do you test tempered glass?

Check the Glass Edges When glass goes through the tempering process, it is treated with extreme heat. This gives tempered glass a very smooth finish. Compared to standard annealed glass, which typically has edges that are rougher to touch, tempered glass is fairly smooth, if you run your hand along the edge of a sheet.

What is difference between Gorilla Glass 3 and 5?

Comparing Gorilla Glass 3 and 5, Gorilla Glass 3 offers better scratch resistance whereas Gorilla Glass 5 offers better shatter resistance. Overall Gorilla Glass 5 is better, as it is a well rounded experience, offering excellent shatter and scratch resistance.

Is Gorilla Glass 3 drop test?

In Corning lab tests, Gorilla Glass 3+ improves drop performance by up to 2X versus current alternative glasses designed for the value segment, and, on average, survives a 0.8-meter drop (waist height) onto a hard and rough surface up to 70% of the time.

Can keys scratch Gorilla Glass victus?

Corning VP and lead Gorilla Glass scientist Jaymin Amin candidly admits that Victus isn’t pocket-proof when I ask whether the bits of dirt, sand, metal, and other materials that can get wedged in keys and coins could still cause a scratch.

Can keys scratch Gorilla Glass 6?

That stuff does tend to build up in your pockets and consequently makes tiny ( or larger depending on the size of the particles ) scratches all over your device. So ya your keys or coins won’t scratch it – those aren’t the problem though. So keeping it alone in it’s own pocket won’t keep it scratch free.

Can you tell tempered glass from normal glass?

Tempered glass has smooth edges So, one good way is to look thoroughly at the edges of the glass. Tempered sheets have smooth and even edges because of the extra processing it goes through. On the other hand, if the glass is not tempered, the edges feel rough to touch.

How do you test if glass is toughened?

View the Glass Through Polarized Lenses If you try to view tempered glass in sunlight with a polarized pair of sunglasses, you will see dark, shady spots or lines stretching across its surface–a prime indicator that the glass is toughened. These lines were formed by the machine rollers during the tempering process.

How tough is Corning Gorilla Glass victus?

Video: Gorilla Glass Victus is twice as tough: First look Its latest endeavor is Gorilla Glass Victus, which can survive drops of up to two meters (6 ft 6 in), compared to the maximum drop height of 1.6 meters for Gorilla Glass 6. It’s also twice as scratch-resistant.