How long should a lip piercing bar be?

There are a few different lengths that the labret can be pierced at; 7/16″ or 3/8″. It is not uncommon for women to be pierced with a 3/8″ and men to be pierced with a 7/16″. This is dependent on your anatomy and that is something that your piercer will determine before the piercing.

How do you know if your piercing bar is too long?

Once that swelling goes down, you’re left with that same bar that’s now going to be too long. It is then switched out for a bar that fits snug. If the longer bar is left in it could cause migration. Migration is when the jewelry is too long and/or unevenly distributing weight, so it moves from the original placement.

When can I change my lip piercing to a shorter bar?

Lip Piercings You might experience swelling (usually 2-3 days after the piercing) this swelling can last 7-10 days. A longer Labret stud must be worn until the initial swelling has gone down; a shorter stud can then replace it. You should wait for at least 2 weeks to do this.

How should a lip ring fit?

Hoops should be snug enough to wrap the lip, but will have some gap to allow for movement while eating and talking. Hoops that are too tight can cause migration, so they do need some room. Hoop or stud, an ideal fit for a labret is when the lips are at rest.

Why is my lip piercing sinking into my lip?

Lip piercings will go through a “nesting” stage, this means the disk on the inside of your lip may start to sink in slightly, this is normal, and helps protect your gum line and teeth.

What is downsizing piercing?

Downsizing is the process of switching jewelry to a shorter post after the initial swelling has gone down after you get pierced. It’s important to downsize your jewelry in order to avoid potential complications, such as irritations, bumps, or odd angles as your piercing heals up.

What happens if you don’t downsize piercing?

Without downsizing a helix piercing, the longer jewelry can actually cause the piercing to migrate. Migration of a piercing means that the angle of the channel changes. This can cause irritation, crooked piercings, or even loss of the piercing itself.

Can I change my lip ring after 2 weeks?

Although you may love the look of your new piercing, you will need to change it out two to four weeks after you get it as the initial studs used for lip piercings are larger to accommodate any initial swelling.

How long does it take for a lip piercing swelling to go down?

For the first three to five days: significant swelling, light bleeding, bruising, and/or tenderness. After that: Some swelling, light secretion of a whitish yellow fluid (not pus). A piercing may seem healed before the healing process is complete.

Can a lip piercing be too tight?

Your piercer will need to replace your jewelry with a longer labret stud or more loosely-fitting lip ring or lip loop, at least until the swelling subsides. Leaving lip piercing jewelry that’s too tight in for a prolonged period of time can cause necrosis (tissue death), which can lead to infection.

How many mm should a lip ring be?

The standard gauge for a lip piercing can be either 1.2mm or 1.6mm and the majority of our lip jewellery is offered in both gauge sizes. The ‘size’ depends on what shape of lip jewellery you choose.