How many Budweiser Christmas steins are there?

Limited edition up to 10,000. Made in Brazil by Ceramarte. Be sure to click on images to see a much clearer picture!

How much is a Budweiser Holiday Stein?

$25.00. The Limited Edition 2021 Budweiser Holiday Stein is an annual tradition, like ringing in the New Year with a frothy Bud in one hand. This 42nd edition of the Budweiser Clydesdale Holiday Beer Stein features intricate designs of the classic Budweiser Clydesdales pulling the Budweiser hitch through a snow scape.

When did the Budweiser mugs come out? | BUDWEISER, RARE, CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY BEER STEIN, 1980, FIRST YEAR OF ISSUE: Beer Mugs: Beer Mugs & Steins.

How much is my Budweiser Stein worth?

There is a value range of $50 to $5,000 for antique German beer steins. German regimental steins from 1900 sold for more than $6,000 in 2018. The price of a Marzi & Remy pewter lid stein from the 1850s was $150 in 2020.

What year did Budweiser holiday steins start?

Now, Anheuser-Busch, the parent company that produces all brands of Budweiser as well as sister beverages Michelob and Busch, among many others, offers customers a wide range of products including their annual holiday beer steins. They began producing the series in 1980.

How much is my Budweiser stein worth?

What is a 1980 Budweiser stein worth?

How Much Is A 1980 Budweiser Holiday Stein Worth?

This item BUDWEISER, RARE, CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY BEER STEIN, 1980, FIRST YEAR OF ISSUE Budweiser Holiday Steins Collectible Holiday Stein Series (Year 1982)
Price $13900 $64.99$64.99
Sold By AB Stein Reserve AB Stein Reserve
Color Multicolor Multicolor
Material Ceramic Ceramic

How do I know if my beer stein is valuable?

How to Tell if a Beer Stein is Valuable

  1. It’s German. If it’s made in Germany, odds are your stein is special.
  2. The lid is lighter on the inside.
  3. There’s no bump on the handle.
  4. It’s hand-painted.
  5. It tells a story.
  6. It’s made out of an expensive substance.
  7. Read more about collectibles and antiques on the SecurCare blog.

What was the first Budweiser stein?

Hard-to-find 1980 Budweiser #CS19 stein featuring Budweiser Champion Clydesdales. First issue in the Budweiser Holiday Christmas Stein Set. 5″ Tall. Made by Ceramarte.

Are Budweiser Christmas steins worth anything?