How many calories are in a grilled chicken Potbelly Sandwich?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 465 (1946 kJ)
Cholesterol 99 mg 33%
Sodium 1093 mg 46%
Total Carbohydrate 57 g 19%
Dietary Fiber 2 g 8%

Does potbelly use real chicken?

Our chicken has no artificial colors, flavors, chemical preservatives or artificial ingredients and is minimally processed. We take pride in serving only the finest quality all-white breast meat in our sandwiches as well as our salads.

How many calories does a Potbelly Sandwich have?

This original sausage, egg, and cheddar breakfast sandwich served on white bread has 1,100 calories, 70g fat, 27g saturated fat, 65g carbohydrates, 51g protein, and 2,050mg sodium.

How many calories are in potbelly grilled chicken and cheddar?

Potbelly Originals Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Sandwich
Calories 574
Calories From Fat 201
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 22.3g 34%

Is Potbelly unhealthy?

While Potbelly makes some seriously delicious sandwiches and dishes, they can be quite unhealthy if you don’t pay attention. But, have no fear. Potbelly makes it super easy to eat healthy and still have a darn good meal.

What does flats mean at potbelly?

You can now get any of your favorite “Original” Potbelly sandwich on flat bread. “The flats,” as their creators affectionately call them, are not only delicious, but also less calorific: a flat sandwich is 90 calories lighter than its “Original” version.

How much calories is a grilled chicken sandwich?

254 Calories

Fat 4.8 g
Carbs 32.5 g
Fiber 3.2 g
Protein 22.2 g