How many cowfish locations are there?

three locations
Currently, Cowfish only has three locations remaining: Charlotte, Raleigh and Orlando, Florida.

What does cowfish taste like?

It’s a sweet tangy mayonnaise type sauce.

Who owns the cowfish?

Alan Springate
The Cowfish Co-owner, Alan Springate, was recently featured in The Alcalde Magazine at his alma mater, the University of Texas. “Alan Springate, BA ’94, and his restaurant partner, Marcus Hall, first cooked up the idea of burgushi in November 2010.

Who created cowfish?

So declared Marcus Hall when his business partner Alan Springate called him with an idea to create the first ever sushi burger bar. Yes, freshly prepared sushi and burgers under one roof. But Marcus, given to routine idiocy himself, embraced the idea. Strangely enough, The Cowfish was born.

Where are cowfish found?

Longhorn cowfishes are found in the Red Sea and off East Africa eastward through Indonesia to Marquesas and northward to southern Japan including Tuamotus, southern Korea, north to the Ryukyu Islands of southern Japan, south to Australia and Lord Howe Island and off southern Africa in the Atlantic.

Is a cowfish a pufferfish?

It is a type of boxfish, a group of fish that is related to the more widely recognized Pufferfish family.

How do you make sushi burgers?

Transfer sushi rice bottom to a serving plate and remove plastic wrap. Top with some cucumber slices, sushi ginger and salmon mixture. Add slices of avocado, sliced red cabbage and some wasabi mayonnaise on top. Place top sushi burger bun on burger and sprinkle black sesame on it.

Who owns cowfish Raleigh?

Cowfish owners Alan Springate and Marcus Hall, a Raleigh native, created a lot of buzz when they opened the first Cowfish restaurant in Charlotte’s SouthPark area in late 2010 with its now popular “burgushi” menu, which is a fusion of gourmet burgers and sushi.

Are cowfish in Florida?

It is common to occasional in Florida and Bahamas; occasional to uncommon in the Caribbean. It also occurs in the Gulf of Mexico, north to Massachusetts, Bermuda and south to Brazil in tropical and warm temperate waters.

Is there such thing as a cowfish?

The longhorn cowfish (Lactoria cornuta), also called the horned boxfish, is a species of boxfish from the family Ostraciidae, recognizable by its long horns that protrude from the front of its head, rather like those of a cow or bull. They are a resident of the Indo-Pacific region and can grow up to 50 cm (20 in) long.