How many medals Bangladesh won in Asian Games?

Bangladesh at the Asian Games
IOC code BAN
NOC Bangladesh Olympic Association
Medals Ranked 0th Gold 1 Silver 5 Bronze 6 Total 12
Summer appearances

Which country will host 2038 Asian Games?

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Riyadh was elected as the host city at the 39th OCA General Assembly on 16 December 2020 in Muscat, Oman….2034 Asian Games.

Host city Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2038 →

What was Bangladesh position in the 2010 Asian Games men’s cricket competition?


Rank Team W
Bangladesh 3
Afghanistan 2
Pakistan 2
4 Sri Lanka 1

How many gold medals did India win in the 2010 Asian Game?

India put up its best ever performance at Asian Games. They finished the games at 65 medals including 14 golds which is India’s second best performance ever since inception of Asian Games in 1951. These games also witnessed first ever medals in Gymnastics and Roller Sports.

Who won the 2010 Commonwealth Games?

The host nation India achieved its best performance ever at the Commonwealth Games, finishing second overall by winning 38 golds and 101 total medals….2010 Commonwealth Games.

Logo of the 2010 Commonwealth Games
Host city Delhi, India
Events 272 events in 21 disciplines
Opening ceremony 3 October
Closing ceremony 14 October

What was India’s rank in 2010 Commonwealth Games?

For the first time in the history of the Games India won over 100 medals in total….

India at the 2010 Commonwealth Games
Medals Ranked 2nd Gold 38 Silver 27 Bronze 36 Total 101
Commonwealth Games appearances (overview)

Which country won most medals in Commonwealth Games 2010?

Medal Standings Delhi 2010

Country Gold Total
Australia 74 180
India 39 101
England 37 140
Canada 26 76

Who was meant to host 2026 Commonwealth Games?

Exclusive: Victoria signs agreement to host 2026 Commonwealth Games. Victoria in Australia is set to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games after entering an exclusive dialogue agreement with the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF), insidethegames can exclusively reveal.

Which country hosted the South Asian Games in 2010?

The 2010 South Asian Games, officially the XI South Asian Games, was a major multi-sport event that took place from 29 January to 8 February 2010 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This was the third time that the Bangladeshi capital hosted the South Asian Games, thus becoming the first city to hold the games three times.

Who won the first Asian Games gold medal in 2010?

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Where was the tide relayed in the 2010 Asian Games?

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What happened to bodybuilding at the 2010 Asian Games?

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