How much do European football referees make?

The rate per game we mentioned above is reserved for those operating within the elite group of European soccer referees. The tier below them gets paid $4,645 per game….European Referee Salary per Game.

League Salary per game
Champions League – Europe $855-$6,724

Who is the youngest referee in football?

Meet a courageous young man in the world of football: Raphael Mbotela of Zambia is the world’s youngest professional referee in football history. I think the 17-year-old is brave because being a referee anywhere in the world, let alone in Africa, is no child’s play.

Who is the youngest EPL referee?

Michael Oliver
At only 25 years of age, Michael Oliver became the youngest referee in Premier League history when he took charge of Birmingham City’s clash with Blackburn Rovers in August 2010, and he has remained a top-flight official ever since.

What is a Level 8 referee?

If the referees are aged under 16, they become level 8 referees; if they are 16 or over, they automatically become level 7 referees.

Is Michael Oliver still a referee?

He received his FIFA badge in 2012, allowing him to officiate in major international matches. Oliver was appointed to take charge of the final of the 2015 FIFA U-17 World Cup. Oliver was promoted to the UEFA Elite Group of Referees in 2018….Michael Oliver (referee)

2012– FIFA listed Referee
2018– UEFA Elite Referee

Is Michael Oliver a good referee?

1) Michael Oliver – 8/10. Hackett says: “Nominated by FIFA for the 2022 World Cup, he has shown a high level of decision-making accuracy this season. The foundation of his success and the reason why at Week 20 of the Premier League season he has received 15 referee appointments in total.

Can a 16 year old referee adults?

Yes! If you are 16 years old or older you must have a valid and in date DBS. Getting a DBS with the London FA costs £10.00 which is valid for three years.

What referee owns a supermarket?

A supermarket owner by occupation, Kuipers has officiated at two World Cups and three European Championship tournaments….Björn Kuipers.

Born 28 March 1973 Oldenzaal, Netherlands
Other occupation Supermarket owner
Years League Role
2002–2021 Eerste Divisie Referee

What supermarket does Bjorn Kuipers?

Kuipers co-founded supermarket chain Jumbo Kuipers in the Netherlands having earned a degree in business administration from the Radboud University in Nijmegen.