How much does a Nguni cow cost?

Umsenge Nguni

Type of Stock No of Stock Average Price
Pregnant Heifers (>5 Months) 45 R7840.00
Pregnant Heifers (<5 Months) 9 R8466.66
Cows & Calves 7 R9685.71
Open Heifers/Running with Bull 19 R6147.37

How much is a Nguni cow in South Africa?

20 April 2021

Cow 3 in 1 R 14 375.00 R 17 000.00
Pregnant Heifers R 12 333.33 R 16 000.00
Open Cows R 9 000.00 R 9 000.00
Commercial Pregnant Cows R 10 250.00 R 12 000.00

Which cattle breed is most profitable in South Africa?

The Nguni Cattle Breeders Society, which was established in 1985, labels it as the breed that “produces the most kilogram of beef per hectare at the lowest cost,” making the Nguni “the most profitable and economically sustainable beef breed”.

What is the average weight of a Nguni cow?

The cattle are medium-sized, with bulls weighing between 500 and 600 kg, while cows weigh between 300 and 400 kg.

Which cattle breed is best for beef in South Africa?

South African cattle typically bred for the beef industry include:

  • Afrikaner Cattle, which are also particularly suited to dairy farming.
  • Angus Beef/Aberdeen Angus, one of the first cattle breeds bred exclusively for beef production.

How much does a Boran cow cost?

The average prices achieved at the 2020 Boran National Sale were: 16 bulls sold for an average of R181 000 (highest R1,7 million); 13 in-calf cows sold for an average of R56 150 (highest R130 000); 16 in-calf heifers sold for an average of R61 000 (highest R180 000); and cow-and-calf combinations for an average of R63 …

Which cattle breed originated in South Africa?

Afrikaner is the oldest indigenous cattle breed in South Africa and was the first indigenous breed to form a breed society in 1902 [1].

What is so special about Nguni cattle?

The Nguni is known for its good temperament. Nguni cattle are heat and light tolerant and can handle extreme heat and cold alike. They are adaptable and hardy and possess excellent resistance to internal and external parasites with natural immunity to tick borne diseases.

What is Nguni used for?

Utility: The Nguni cattle are used for milk and meat; their socio-cultural functions are also important. The body conformation of the Nguni is more of a dairy than beef type but it is principally used for beef production and for work.

Where does the Nguni tribe come from?

Nguni people are a group of closely related Bantu ethnic groups that reside in Southern Africa. They predominantly live in South Africa. Swazi people live in both South Africa and Eswatini, while Ndebele people live in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

What are Nguni cattle used for?