How much does Gardasil cost in Canada?

Gardasil is administered in 3 doses – each dose is about $200, so it costs about $600 to be fully vaccinated here in Ontario. Gardasil is free under Ontario’s High-Risk HPV Immunization Program for men up to 26 years old. Most private insurance plans will also cover the cost of Gardasil as prescribed by your doctor.

Is Gardasil free in Canada?

The HPV9 vaccine is provided free to girls and boys in grade 6. Boys (born in 2006 or later) and girls who did not get the vaccine in grade 6 remain eligible for the free HPV vaccine if they start their vaccine series before their 19th birthday and complete it before their 26th birthday.

How much is Gardasil vaccine out of pocket?

Although Gardasil 9 has a price tag of between $400 and $500 for a three-dose schedule, the good news is that the vaccine should be covered at no cost by most insurance plans and the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program for those who are eligible.

Is Gardasil free in Ontario?

HPV vaccine (GARDASIL®9) is recommended and provided free to: Girls and boys in Grade 6 school year. Females and males 9–14 years initiating series prior to their 15th birthday outside of the school-based program. Females and males 15 to 26 years of age.

Can you get Gardasil after 26?

Vaccination is not recommended for everyone older than age 26 years. Some adults ages 27 through 45 years might decide to get the HPV vaccine based on discussion with their clinician, if they did not get adequately vaccinated when they were younger.

Is 16 too late for HPV vaccine?

The bottom line: All males and females ages 9–26 should get the HPV vaccine. It is most effective when given at ages 11–12. Unvaccinated men and women ages 27–45 should talk to their doctor about the benefits of the vaccine. The HPV vaccine is most effective if it’s given before HPV exposure.

Can I get Gardasil 9 if I had Gardasil?

If I had the Gardasil vaccinations already, do I get the new one? No. Re-vaccination with Gardasil 9 is not warranted for those who have completed the series with a different HPV vaccine.

What HPV vaccine is used in Canada?

Immunizing Agents Authorized for Use in Canada GARDASIL® (quadrivalent human papillomavirus [types 6, 11, 16, 18], recombinant vaccine), Merck Canada Inc. (HPV4).

Is it too late for HPV vaccine?

HPV vaccination is not recommended for everyone older than age 26 years. Some adults age 27 through 45 years who were not already vaccinated might choose to get HPV vaccine after speaking with their doctor about their risk for new HPV infections and possible benefits of vaccination for them.

Is Gardasil 4 or 9 better?

The 9-valent HPV vaccine offers more protection against HPV than the quadrivalent HPV vaccine does and is as safe. Analysis of cost-effectiveness favours its use, at least in adolescent girls. Therefore, physicians should recommend the 9-valent HPV vaccine to patients instead of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine.