How much does it cost to stay at Lorella Springs?

Each cabin has its own veranda and sitting area outside of the room as well as a mini fridge and private BBQ outside of the room, and a power point outside of the room available from parking spot. $239 per room per night, room only, or $220 when staying 3 nights or more.

Do you need a 4WD for Lorella Springs?

DRIVING TO LORELLA Although the road is classed as 4WD drive, when taking it slowly and with care most vehicles and caravans should have no problem being able to travel through. A phone call to the Station for a road update is always a good idea (08 8975 9917). To navigate, press the arrow keys.

Can you take a caravan to Lorella Springs?

Lorella Springs is: Although the road is classed as 4WD drive, taking it slowly and with care, most vehicles and caravans should have no problem being able to travel through.

Is Lorella Springs open?

Lorella is open during the Dry season only, April to September included.

Are there crocs at Lorella Springs?

However, don’t think you can swim in all of them, especially rivers and in the sea along the Gulf coast or you might soon realise that you are sharing the water with the local wildlife… because yes, salt water crocodiles and sharks do inhabit this region of the world!

Are there crocodiles at Lorella Springs?

Last week Wildlife rangers in the Top End caught a 4.4-metre, 350-kilogram saltwater crocodile in a tourist area not far from Katherine.

Is there phone reception at Lorella Springs?

CONNECTIVITY – MOBILE RECEPTION, INTERNET, PUBLIC PHONE Once in the wilderness of Lorella, outside of the main homestead campground, you will have no contact with the outside world at all.

Can you take dogs to Lorella Springs?

PETS. For the last three years, visitors’ pets (dogs and others) are no longer permitted anywhere on the property at Lorella Springs.

Where is Cape Crawford?

the Northern Territory
Cape Crawford, 100 kilometres south-west of Borroloola in the Northern Territory in Australia, is surrounded by savannah woodland, rock escarpments, waterfalls and waterholes.

Is the road to Lorella Springs sealed?

BUT…….. we were really at Lorella Springs to go crabbing at the secret crabbing spot on the gulf. This secret spot, also known as the Secret Fishing Camp, is so secret it’s marked on the Hema maps! The track from the homestead started off sandy then became a two lane sealed haul road with white lines and signposts.

Is Lorella Springs pet friendly?

Please do not bring your pet to Lorella as you will be turned around unless you can prove it is an assistance pet.

Can you swim at Lorella Springs?

SWIMMING IN LORELLA There is literally water everywhere at Lorella! There are possibly more safe swimming holes here than across most parts of the Top End of Australia.