How much is a 66 Mustang worth?

Some pristine examples have been looked after pretty well, and of course, they get sold for big money. We however are taking a look at the classic 1966 Ford Mustang of which examples are worth between $18,000 and $110,000.

Is a 66 Mustang rare?

The fact this car was built in Mexico already makes it rare. Lonnie says the figure he’s heard is around 2,600 cars for ’65-’66. Therefore, it’s already reasonably rare, but that ragtop throws the car’s rarity into high gear.

How much are 1966 Mustangs new?

Mustang Prices Through The Years

Year / Model / Trim Base MSRP Adj. for Inflation
1966 Mustang Hardtop $2,522 $19,618
1966 Mustang 2+2 Fastback $2,713 $21,104
1966 Mustang Convertible $2,759 $21,462

What is the difference between 65 and 66 Mustang?

A 1965 Mustang will feature vertical grille bars. A 1966 Ford Mustang will feature the running horse without a vertical grille bar. This gives the appearance of a free floating running horse that has no visible attachments. Of course, there’s always an exception to the rule.

What’s a 65 Mustang worth?

The average price for the classic Ford Mustang 1965 is currently 30,000 – 40,000 USD. Of course, the price can be higher or lower depending on which model it is, the mileage, and overall condition.

How can I tell if my 1966 Mustang is a GT?

Tips to help you identify a 1966 Mustang on the spot Both 1965 and 1966 Mustang GT grilles came with foglights (shown). Non-GT 1965 Mustangs had a Ford Falcon-type rectangular gauge cluster; 1966 Mustangs had a five-dial circular instrument cluster.

How much is a 65 Mustang convertible worth?


Vehicle: 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible
Number Produced: 65,663 convertibles (1965)
Original List Price: $2,871.46
SCM Valuation: Median to date, $29,300
Tune Up Cost: $300

What is the most sought after Mustang?

The most valuable Mustangs from every generation

  • First Generation (1965–73): 1969–70 Boss Mustang 429. Mecum.
  • Second Generation (1974–78): 1976–78 Mustang II Cobra II.
  • Third Generation (1979–93): 1993 5.0 SVT Cobra R.
  • Fourth Generation (1994–04): 2000 Cobra R.
  • Fifth Generation (2004–2014): 2013–2014 Shelby GT500 convertible*

What makes a Mustang a fastback?

The fastback and coupe are body styles of the classic mustang manufactured by Ford. A fastback has an aerodynamic appearance with a sloping back window while the rear of the coupe has a vertical rear window and larger trunk lid. Both models came with similar drivetrain and engine options.