How much is a Carolina skiff 19ls?

$27,079.00. NOTE: “Starting at Price.” The (NAP) Price does not include dealer freight, Dealer prep, trailer, aftermarket accessories, or options.

What does a 19 foot Carolina skiff weigh?


POWER BOATS Length Weight (lbs)
1965 19′ 850
1980 19′ 1100
2180 21′ 1250
2480 24′ 1400

How many people can a Carolina Skiff j16 hold?

It’s rated for max 4 people or 755lbs, wich includes motor and gear so the 4 people would have to be small. I’ve got a JV-13 wich is 1′ shorter but same beam and I’d fish 2 people max and only in flat water. I just upgraded to a Maycraft 1700 skiff.

What is J Series Carolina Skiff?

The J Series modified flat-bottom hull sports an astonishing 64-inch beam and 14-inch gunwale height, making it one of the most stable and safest boats in its class. The J-Series, pound for pound is one of the most affordable perfect shallow water fishing boats on the market today.

How much is a new 19 foot Carolina skiff?

Posted on November 25, 2019 (February 24, 2020) by Team CSkiff. This holiday season, treat yourself and your family to one gift that keeps on giving for years to come – the Carolina Skiff 19 Ultra Elite, which starts at $29,499* nationwide!

Are Carolina skiffs wood free?

Foam and fiberglass only. No wood.

How heavy is a Carolina Skiff J16?

The Carolina Skiff J16’s have been around for years. Manufactured in Waycross, GA, J16’s are basically no-frills flatbottom fiberglass utility skiffs. J16 hulls weigh approx. 350 lbs and measure 15’8 long with a 64-inch beam.

Does Carolina skiff still make the J series?

Yes they still make the J-series, but its become less popular over the years. You can also see if Sundance skiffs are still around, or palm beach skiffs.

What’s the smallest Carolina skiff?

The Carolina Skiff DLV’s come in several sizes for all types of applications of use. The 178 DLV is the smallest in the DLV Family, going up to the 198 DLV , then the 218 DLV, 238 DLV, and lastly the 258 DLV .

Where are Sundance Boats made?

Blackshear, Georgia
Where Are Sundance Boats Made? Every Sundance model is built by Composite Research, Inc. inside our state-of-the-art, 93,000 square-foot, environmentally friendly production plant in Blackshear, Georgia.