How much is a Lewis machine gun worth?

You may find a “parts kit” between $2000 and $3500. A gun converted to semi auto is around $6000 to $8000. The full up gun with the tax stamp and a license would be up to $25,000 but seem to be coming down as does the economy. The Drum alone on the Lewis seems to bring big money too.

When was the Lewis gun invented?

The Lewis gun was invented by U.S. Army colonel Isaac Newton Lewis in 1911, based on initial work by Samuel Maclean.

When was the Lewis machine gun first used in ww1?

The first combat use of the Lewis Gun occurred with the Belgian Army in the summer of 1914, which earned it the nickname “Belgian Rattlesnake” from the German soldiers who faced it. The Lewis gun help change machine gun tactics during the First World War.

Was the Lewis gun the first machine gun?

Along with the Vickers gun, it enabled the changes in tactics that led to later British and Allied success. The Lewis also became the first ever aircraft machine gun, fitted in flexible mounts on two-seat spotter aircraft, but also mounted above the wing even on later fighters like the SE5a.

Did the Lewis gun jam?

The Lewis-Gun did have its faults. It was rather notorious for stoppages and jams, and the circular 47-round magazine which took time to reload was another general well-known barrack-room moan.

What company made Lewis gun?

Birmingham Small Arms Company
Manufactured by the Savage Arms Company and Birmingham Small Arms Company this light machine gun proved a war winner, and was used by over a dozen different armies throughout the world. The last known recorded examples of the Lewis gun’s service was during the Northern Ireland conflict from 1968-1998.

Did the Lewis Gun jam?

When was the machine gun first used?

A gun based on his design became standard issue for the British Army during World War I, which became known as “the machine gun war.” In 1884, Hiram Maxim built the first effective machine gun, which revolutionized warfare.

Why is the Lewis gun barrel so big?

Large, 97-round drums were intended for the aircraft-installed guns, as they were quite sensitive to rough handling. Smaller-capacity 47-round drums were sturdier, but they were still quite sensitive to fouling, as their design had them open at the bottom.

Did the US use the Lewis gun in ww2?

It had a pan-shaped magazine on top and was designed by Samuel McClean and U.S Colonel Issac Newton Lewis. Although it was far superior than any machine gun of its time, the United States Military did not adopt it initially, but they later used it during World War II.

What caliber does the Lewis gun shoot?


Caliber .303 (7.7x57R), .30-06 (7.62×63) and others
Length 1283 mm
Barrel length 666 mm
Feed pan magazine, 47 or 97-rounds
Rate of fire 550 rounds per minute

Who first used machine guns in ww1?

Mr. Maxim first offered the weapon to Britain, which rejected his early version. Germany, however, embraced a different version of the technology, producing a gun called the Maschinengewehr 08. By 1914, German forces had 12,000 machine guns, compared with a few hundred between the French and British.