How much is a Viega ProPress?

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This item Viega 77317 ProPress Zero Lead Copper 90-Degree Elbow with 1/2-Inch P x P, 10-Pack Viega 78052 ProPress Zero Lead Copper Coupling with Stop 3/4-Inch P x P, 10-Pack
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Where is Viega PEX made?

the USA
Made in the USA and designed to save energy, Viega PEX solutions reduce the potential for leaks and increase confidence and peace of mind.

How many applications is Viega ProPress approved for?

In fact, Viega ProPress Copper is approved for more applications than any other press fittings system and Viega ProPress Stainless is approved for more than 225 applications.

Can you use Viega ProPress underground?

It’s one of the most common questions we get: can MegaPress, ProPress and other fittings be used underground? The answer is yes. Viega press fittings are approved for underground installations, per Uniform Code and International Code listings.

Is ProPress better than solder?

Unlike soldering, ProPress systems do not need an open flame to be completed. This creates a safer work environment and by not requiring a hot work permit, saves time. Another advantage over soldering, ProPress fittings can be installed without having to drain and dry the system beforehand.

Is ProPress better than sharkbite?

ProPress VS Sharkbite Both systems rely on EPDM o-rings. ProPress is only better because the pressing of the copper fitting against the copper pipe is a stronger and more reliable hold than the stainless teeth on the sharkbite.

Is Viega PEX type A or B?

The Viega PEX system uses the PEX-b tubing (although you could also use another brands PEX-a) and a pressed ring securing the PEX to the fittings. Some advantages with the pressing system is that the fitting are now available with press rings already built-in.

Can you expand Viega PEX?

There’s a chance that you could over-expand the tubing, which can cause microtears that eventually lead to larger tears and leaks. (The number of expansions required depends on the temperature and size of the fitting.) The press technology of Viega PureFlow joins PEX in a secure and consistent manner.

Can you use Viega gas fittings on water?

Viega ProPress and Viega MegaPress fittings have been tested to the strictest standards in North America. Viega ProPress in copper and two grades of stainless steel, 304 and 316, is suitable for nearly any application, from potable water in commercial projects to corrosive chemicals in industrial projects.

What is the green dot on Viega ProPress fittings?

Only Viega ProPress fittings offer the patented Smart Connect® feature. Green dot identifies ProPress fittings that have the Smart Connect feature. Yellow dot identifies ProPressG fittings that have the Smart Connect feature.

How close can you press Viega ProPress fittings?

4″ away
Installers must weld 4″ away from the Viega ProPress connection in order to protect the sealing element when welding pipe adjacent to pipe joined with a Viega ProPress fitting.

What is better SharkBite or ProPress?