How much of Facebook does BlackRock own?

Institutional ownership of FB stands at $1.8 billion shares or 79.14% of shares outstanding. This is in-line with the Internet Software/Services industry average….Top 10 Owners of Meta Platforms Inc.

Stockholder BlackRock Fund Advisors
Stake 4.43%
Shares owned 102,347,638
Total value ($) 22,758,020,786

Who owns the most stock in Facebook?

Who Owns Facebook?

  • #1 Mark Zuckerberg – 29.3% – US $54.3 billion (March 2020)
  • #2 Jim Breyer & Accel Partners – 11.4% – $11.4 Billion.
  • #3 Dustin Moskovitz – 7.6% – $7.6 Billion.
  • #4 Yuri Milner & Digital Sky Technologies – 5.4% – $5.4 Billion.
  • #5 Eduardo Saverin – 5% – $5 Billion.
  • #6 Sean Parker – 4% – $4 Billion.

Are Facebook shares a good buy?

What the Analysts Say. Of 44 analysts covering Facebook in February, 17 rate the stock a “strong buy” and 24 rate it a “buy,” according to Yahoo Finance. That’s down from January 2021, when 18 rated it a “strong buy” and 30 rated it a “buy,” but analysts see Facebook’s current troubles as temporary.

Who owns the most Tesla stock?

Musk is Tesla’s biggest shareholder, owning around 17 percent of the company’s shares, or about 175 million shares in total. Musk has sold large batches of shares before. Last year, he sold 15 million shares, worth more than $16 billion, after polling his followers on Twitter.

How much equity does Mark Zuckerberg have in Facebook?

Mr Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder and chief executive of Meta, owns about 12.8% of the company – which is still valued at more than $660bn.

Is Facebook a private company 2021?

No, Facebook is no longer a private company. In 2012, Facebook had its Initial Public Offering, or IPO, at $38 a share. An IPO is when a private company sells shares of its company to the public on the stock market.

What of Facebook does Zuckerberg own?