How old is Emily MacDonagh?

32 years (August 16, 1989)Emily MacDonagh / Age

Is Peter Andre still married?

WATCH: Peter Andre makes candid family comments Peter and his ex-wife Katie are parents to son Junior, 16, and 14-year-old daughter Princess. After their divorce in 2009, Peter found love with Emily and they tied the knot in July 2015. Together they share children Theo, five, and Amelia, eight.

How did Peter Andre and Emily MacDonagh meet?

How did Peter Andre meet Emily? In 2010, Emily (then MacDonagh) was training to be a doctor. Funnily enough, her dad was a doctor too, and just so happened to be treating famous patient Peter Andre for a nasty case of kidney stones. Peter and Emily met and became friends, but the rest wasn’t quite history.

Who is Emily Andre dad?

Ruaraidh MacDonaghEmily MacDonagh / Father

Is Emily Andre still a doctor?

Who is Emily Andre? Emily is the 32-year-old wife of Peter Andre. She was born Emily MacDonagh on August 16, 1989, in Taunton. She was a medical student when they met in 2010 and is now a doctor who often gives health advice on ITV’s Lorraine.

Where did Emily MacDonagh go to school?

University of Bristol2013
Richard Huish College
Emily MacDonagh/Education

What is Peter Andre’s job?

Television presenter
Singer-songwriterTV PersonalityBusinesspersonEntertainer
Peter Andre/Professions

Why did Peter and Katie split?

Their split also came as a shock to fans at the time. Katie opened up about what led to their demise as a couple. She confessed that Peter was convinced that Katie had been unfaithful with her. According to Katie, Peter suspected that something was going on between his then-wife and her horse trainer.

What type of doctor is Peter Andres wife?

Emily MacDonagh – also known as Emily Andre – is a junior doctor at an NHS hospital. Since 2015 she has been the wife of Peter Andre, marrying him at Mamhead House in Devon after three years of dating.

Is Emily taller than Peter Andre?

Peter Andre struggles to prove he’s taller than his wife Emily at 5ft 9in and says he’s in ‘trouble’ if she wears heels. PETER Andre proves once and for all that he’s the same height as his wife Emily.

Who did Peter Andre marry?

Emily MacDonaghm. 2015
Katie Pricem. 2005–2009
Peter Andre/Spouse

How did Peter Andre get famous?

Andre gained popularity as a singer, best known for his singles “Mysterious Girl” and “Flava”. He is also known for appearing on the third series of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, and the thirteenth series of Strictly Come Dancing, in which he was partnered with Janette Manrara.