How pf is calculated from employer?

To understand how the EPF calculator works, let us have an example. Employers contribution towards EPS = 8.33% * 14,000 = Rs 1,166. The total contribution by the employer and employee towards the EPF account of the employee = Rs 1,680 + Rs 514 = Rs 2,194.

What is the percentage of employee contribution to PF?

Employee contribution to EPF: 12% of salary. Employer contribution to EPF: 3.67% of salary. Employer contribution to EPS: 8.33% of salary subject to a ceiling of Rs.

Is employer contribution to PF part of CTC?

Hi, Yes. The Employer Contribution to PF is the part of CTC(Cost to the company). The CTC concept introduced to calculate the cost of each employee to the company.

Is employer contribution 13% in PF?

Contribution by an employer: The contribution made by the employer is 13% of the basic salary and PF applicable allowances of the employee. However this 13% is further subdivided into: 3.67% of contribution towards Employees’ Provident Fund.

Can employer contribute more than 12% for PF?

The EPFO allows an EPF or PF account holder to opt for the VPF and invest beyond 12 per cent of its basic salary in one’s provident fund account. However, for this VPF contribution made by the employee, the employer will not contribute any additional amount.

What do you mean by CTC salary 18000?

CTC means Cost To Company. The total cost that a company would incur, on an employee, in a year. Per month salary and other benefits that the company pays an employee, are actually cost to the company. CTC package is a term often used by private sector Indian companies while making an offer of employment.

Does employer PF included in gross salary?

Gross Salary is the term used to describe all the money an employee has made working for the company in a year. It is the salary that is without any deductions like PF, Income Tax, etc. However, Gross Salary includes basic salary, house rent allowance, special allowance, and conveyance allowance, among others.

What is AC 22 PF?

A/c No. 21 – 0.50% of Pensionable Salary for EDLI contribution. A/c No. 22 – 0.01% of Pensionable Salary for EDLI Admin.

Is CTC includes employer PF?

Is PF mandatory for salary above 15000?

If you are drawing a salary higher than Rs. 15,000 per month, you are termed a non-eligible employee and it is not mandatory for you to become a member of the EPF, although you can still register with the consent of your employer and approval from the Assistant PF Commissioner.

How basic salary is calculated?

Ideally, they use a reversed calculation method where a percentage of the salary and CTC is taken. The basic pay is usually 40% of gross income or 50% of an individual’s CTC. Basic salary = Gross pay- total allowances (medical insurance, HRA, DA, conveyance, etc.)

What do you mean by CTC salary 15000?

“We are pleased to inform you that your total remuneration would be 1.8 lakh annual on the CTC basis”. These were the words written in the offer letter of TV18. I quickly calculated on the fingertips, it means 15,000/month. It was a good salary in 2004.