How to get Bhu naksha in Maharashtra?

How to check Bhu naksha Maharashtra?

  1. Step 1: Login to the official website of Bhu naksha Maharashtra i.e.,
  2. Step 2: Once you select the State, choose the category of land (Urban or Rural).
  3. Step 3: Choose other details such as District, Taluka, Village, Map Type and Sheet Number.

How to check land map in Maharashtra online?

The ROR (Record of Rights) and the land map can be obtained on the bhu naksha portal. The bhunaksha Maharashtra document contains every information that you would require, such as owner details, the record of cess, rent, tenant details, liabilities, etc.

What is PNIU?

Property Natural Identifier-Unit(PNIU) Latitude and longitude coordinate and the floor of the outer surface of an entryway to a unit space.

How can I get plot owner in Maharashtra?

How to check property details online in Maharashtra

  1. Visit the official land record website for Maharashtra.
  2. The official website for land records in Maharashtra is
  3. The website is also popularly known as e maha bhumi.
  4. First, register on the website and login.

How many districts are there in Maharashtra?

The State has 35 districts which are divided into six revenue divisions viz. Konkan, Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad, Arnravati and Nagpur for administrative purposes. The State has a long tradition of having statutory bodies for planning at the district level.

Are map scales always in CM?

The first number of the map scale is always one. It’s the unit of measurement, usually in centimetres (cm). The second number is the actual ground distance in the same unit (cm).

How do I get a survey map with village numbers?

Guidelines to view the map: –

  1. Step1: Click on Map and click on village you want to download the village map in KMZ format.
  2. Step2 : Double click on the downloaded file to open the map.
  3. Step3: If Google earth is installed then the screen appears as below with the village map data.

What is P1 P2 in land records?

Regulation on standards for determining particularly valuable arable (P1) and valuable arable (P2) agricultural land. Language: English.

What is a survey No?

The survey number is also known as the land survey number, is the unique id allocated to each piece of the land by the local municipal authority.

What is land survey?

A land survey, or simply survey, is the scientific process of measuring the dimensions of a particular area of the earth’s surface, including its horizontal distances, directions, angles, and elevations. Artificial structures, such as a road or building, may also be noted on a survey.