Is a 2 hour half marathon good?

What is a good time for intermediate half marathon runners? For experienced runners, completing the course within two hours is a popular goal, which equals an average pace of 9 minutes 9 seconds per mile.

How should I pace my half marathon?

Take your 10K race pace and add 15–30 seconds per mile: Another easy rule for thumb is to take your current 10K race pace and add 15–30 seconds per mile. For example, if your 10K race pace is eight minutes per mile, then a good estimate of your half-marathon pace is 8:15–8:30 per mile.

Is a sub 2 hour half marathon hard?

But running a half marathon in less than two hours isn’t easy. It requires averaging 9:09 per mile for nearly two hours of continuous running while navigating the course, terrain, water stops, bathroom breaks, and hundreds or even thousands of other runners.

What pace is a 2 45 half-marathon?

If you hit the splits listed below, you’ll finish a half marathon in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Cut a second somewhere along the way, and you’ll finish sub-2:45. The splits are listed in both miles and kilometers, use the buttons to toggle between the two….Sub-2:45 Half Marathon Pace Chart.

KM Split
19 2:28:36
20 2:36:25
21 2:44:14
21.1 2:45:00

What should half marathon pace feel like?

This final goal pace run should feel like a mini version of the half-marathon. You should find that the first 2–4 miles feel very comfortable.

How hard should half marathon pace feel?

You should target a pace around 5-10 seconds per mile slower than your goal race pace the first 3 miles. Use the pace calculator above to determine the exact pace. Remember that it will feel “slow” and you might be getting passed by people you want to beat.

What is a good half-marathon time by age?

Average Half Marathon Times for Men (Intermediate Level)

Age Average Half Marathon Finish Time Pace Per Mile
50 1:56:04 8:52
55 2:01:21 9:16
60 2:07:09 9:42
65 2:13:32 10:12

How do I increase my pace for a half-marathon?

During a 12–20 week half-marathon training period, add a mile to your long run every 1–2 weeks, but take a recovery week every 4–6 weeks in which the long run distance dips slightly. Run at least 11 miles during training to ensure you can complete the half marathon comfortably.