Is Altec speaker a good brand?

I love these speakers when they work. They have great sound quality, and we listen to both audiobooks and music on them. They are fantastically portable, small, and work great for our camping trips. They’ll play for a few hours and don’t take a lot of juice to recharge.

Is Altec Lansing the same as JBL?

JBL was founded by James Bullough Lansing (1902–1949), an American audio engineer and loudspeaker designer best known for establishing two audio companies that bear his name, Altec Lansing and JBL, the latter taken from his initials.

Are Altec Lansing computer speakers good?

Altec Lansing is one of the reliable brands offering quality computer speakers. To come up with a list of the top 22 Best Altec Lansing Computer Speakers for you, our experts spent 74 hours testing the brand’s best-selling products to see which ones value your money.

Is Altec Lansing part of JBL?

In 1955 the brand name JBL was introduced to resolve ongoing disputes with Altec Lansing Corporation. The company name “James B. Lansing Sound, Incorporated” was retained, but the logo name was changed to JBL with its distinctive exclamation point logo.

Is Altec Lansing made in China?

Yes, it is made in China.

Who owns Altec Lansing?

the Infinity Group
In 2005 Altec Lansing Technologies was acquired by Plantronics, 2009 bought by Prophet Equity, and has been owned since 2012 by the Infinity Group, a company which acquires struggling companies.

Is Altec Lansing a good brand?

Altec Lansing has been around forever and are a well respected brand. I’ve had their speakers before, good stuff.

Is Altec Lansing still good?

Altec Lansing has been around forever and are a well respected brand. I’ve had their speakers before, good stuff. Everything I’ve heard says Bose is overrated and overpriced.

Is Altec Lansing good brand?

Yes, Altec Lansing is definitely a good brand.

What does Altec stand for?


Acronym Definition
ALTEC All Technical (original name for Altec Lansing)
ALTEC Advanced Learning Technologies in Education (Lawrence, KS)
ALTEC Algorithms for Future Technologies
ALTEC Audit, Litigation, Training and Efficiency Consulting, Inc. (Monroe, LA)

When did Altec Lansing go out of business?

In May 2000, Altec Lansing’s Professional division was closed by Telex and the Altec Lansing was later sold to Sparkomatic and renamed Altec Lansing Technologies.

Is Altec Lansing Made in USA?

Altec Lansing Corporation produced professional audio products until 1995, when Telex Communications, who had purchased Altec Lansing’s parent company, EVI Audio, Inc., in 1997, consolidated all of their electronics manufacturing facilities into one location in Minnesota.