Is an AMD A10 processor good?

For those looking for a build a low-cost system for modest gaming and general-purpose computing, the A10-7870K is a good value. It’s also worth considering if you’ve invested in AMD’s APU platform in the past and are looking for a performance boost. AMD says the new chip will work with all existing FM2+ motherboards.

Is AMD quad-core A10 good for gaming?

AMD’s A10-7890K is definitely suitable for gaming, even though you won’t be able to play the latest titles with their quality presets turned up. Online games like Counter Strike, Dota 2 and a little bit of StarCraft 2 are all you can expect to run at decent frame rates.

What AMD A10 equal for in Intel?

The quad-core AMD A10 is equivalent to Intel’s dual-core hyper-threaded i5. Intel’s i5 quad-core is superiors to AMD A10 quad-core. APU/AMD CPU’s are better than an Intel integrated.

Is an AMD A10 equivalent to a i5?

AMD calls its version of hyper-threading “logical cores” as actual cores. Thus AMD calls its 2 physical core CPU a quad core due to its 4 “logical cores”, so it calls an A10 a quad core. Thus an A10 physically is already less then an i5 of i7.

Is Samsung A10 good for gaming?

60 FPS gaming at an affordable price. However, the Galaxy A10 is no slouch and performs well for a sub-US$200 smartphone. Read on to find out in what areas Samsung has done well and where the Galaxy A10 falls short of its pricier Galaxy A-series siblings.

What is AMD A10 processor?

The AMD A10-4657M is a mobile quad-core processor based on the Trinity architecture. The processing unit is manufactured in 32nm SOI and integrates a 2.3 GHz CPU (up to 3.2 GHz w/ Turbo Core) with a relatively fast Radeon HD 7660G GPU alongside a dual-channel memory controller, video encoders and a northbridge.

How old is AMD A10 processor?

A10 is a family of 64-bit quad code mid-class microprocessors developed by AMD and introduced in 2012.

Is Samsung A10s good for PUBG?

You can also play games on the A10s. It runs a Mali-G71 GPU. This should run games such as PlayersUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG Mobile) with basic graphic settings, however you can easily play PUBG Mobile Lite at high graphics settings.

How many cores does the AMD A10 4655m have?

The AMD A10-4655M was a mobile processor with 4 cores, launched in May 2012. It is part of the A10 lineup, using the Trinity architecture with Socket FP2. A10-4655M has 4MB of L2 cache and operates at 2000 MHz by default, but can boost up to 2.8 GHz, depending on the workload.

How many CPU units does the AMD a10-4655m Apu support?

We’ve benchmarked 131 CPU units to provide a trusted benchmark score for this AMD’s 4-core processor. AMD A10-4655M APU was released in 2012 and supports FP2 socket.

What is the power consumption of the a10-4655m Apu?

The power consumption of the A10-4655M APU is rated at 25 Watt TDP and is therefore comparable to previous LV-processors. Consequently, the A10-4655M is best suited for 12-inch notebooks or larger.

Does AMD a-series a10-4600m have integrated graphics?

AMD A-Series A10-4600M 2.3 GHz Quad-Core CPU Processor AM4600DEC4​4HJ Socket FS1 With integrated graphics you don’t need to buy a separate graphics card. A 32-bit operating system can only support up to 4GB of RAM. 64-bit allows more than 4GB, giving increased performance.