Is Anmol Ambani rich?

Jai Anmol Ambani Net Worth and Salary The Net worth of Jai Anmol Ambani is $3.3 billion (Rs 20000 Crore). His earnings are around 2-5 million.

Who is Anmol Ambani father?

Anil AmbaniJai Anmol Ambani / FatherAnil Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian businessman. He was the chairman of Reliance Group, which was created in July 2006 following a demerger from Reliance Industries Limited. He leads a number of stocks listed corporations including Reliance Capital, Reliance Infrastructure, Reliance Power and Reliance Communications. Wikipedia

What is the profession of Jai Anmol Ambani?

BusinesspersonJai Anmol Ambani / ProfessionA businessman or businesswoman is an individual who has ownership or shareholdings over a private sector and undertakes activities for the purpose of generating cash flow, sales, and revenue by using Wikipedia

Who is Jay Anmol Ambani?

Jai Anmol is a director at Reliance Capital, the family business, while Khrisha is the CEO and co-founder of Dysco, a social networking website.

How rich is Ambani of India?

(RIL), a Fortune Global 500 company and India’s most valuable company by market value. According to Forbes and Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Ambani’s net worth is estimated at around US$101.8 billion as of April 2022, making him the second-richest person in Asia and India and the 9th richest person in the world.

What is the age of Isha Ambani?

30 years (October 23, 1991)Isha Ambani / Age

Who is Jai Anmol wife?

Tina and Anil Ambani’s son Jai Anmol tied the knot with Dysco founder Khrisha Shah on Sunday in an intimate ceremony.

Is Jai Anmol Ambani married?

Is Anmol Ambani married?

Anmol Ambani married Khrisha Shah at his Mumbai home. Anmol Ambani, the elder son of industrialist Anil Ambani and wife Tina, married Khrisha Shah over the weekend in Mumbai. The couple had gotten engaged last year.

How many kids Isha Ambani has?

Isha Ambani Reveals She And Twin Bro, Akash Are IVF Babies Born 7 Years After Nita-Mukesh’s Marriage.