Is Carcavelos a good place to live?

It is also a very safe area, with lots of friendly locals around. You can expect long sunny days and less rain, so if you want to make the most of summer, Carcavelos is surely the perfect place to be.

Is Carcavelos worth visiting?

The beach at Carcavelos is great, however you can visit this if you wish on the train from Cascais (doesnt take long). Cascais as some beaches in the town and as the other user has said also has beaches heading out the other way to Guincho. If it is not too late, I would stay in Cascais.

How do you get to Carcavelos beach?

Very easy to get there. Take the Metro (subway) to Cais do Sodre stop. Then switch to the commuter train that goes to Carcavelos. When you arrive at the Carcavelos train station (25 minutes), it is a 700m walk along quiet residential roads from the station to the beach.

Does Lisbon have good beaches?

Surrounding Lisbon are some of Portugal’s finest beaches, and during the summer, a trip to the beach is a wonderful addition to your holiday.

How far is Lisbon from the beach?

The beach is a 30-minute drive from Lisbon, but if you don’t have a car or are on a budget, you can take a train from the Cais do Sodré station in Lisbon to the Cascais stop, about 30 minutes away.

Can you swim in Lisbon beaches?

Being a coastal city, there are always ample places to swim when in Lisbon — both inland and along the shore.

Is Lisbon cheap to live?

Just about everything, from accommodation to groceries, is affordable. Including rent, a couple can live comfortably in Portugal’s interior, or in small cities, from about $1,700 a month. A couple’s budget in Lisbon starts at about $2,100 or $2,200 a month… though you can, of course, spend more.

Is Lisbon cheaper than London?

Cost of living in Lisbon (Portugal) is 50% cheaper than in London (United Kingdom) This comparison is based on abundant and consistent data. It is based on 1,763 prices entered by 345 different people.