Is China dolls based on a true story?

China Dolls was partly inspired by the real life of Midi Takaoka of the vaudeville act Taka Sisters. Midi was tragically murdered in a love triangle in 1936 at the age of 22.

Where was China Doll filmed?

Saugus, California
Borzage and Victor Mature intended China Doll to be the first of several films they would make together, others including The Incorrigibles and Vaults of Heaven. Principal photography took place in 1958 with location shooting at Saugus, California.

What does the phrase china doll mean?

Noun. China doll (plural China dolls) A stereotypically feminine and submissive young Asian woman.

What is the book china doll about?

“China Dolls” is packed with engaging period details about fashion, food, film and music and also addresses serious gender and geopolitical issues. Grace Lee, Helen Fong and Ruby Tom meet in the late 1930s in San Francisco. Estranged from their families, they venture into the glamorous world of nightclub performance.

Are old china dolls worth anything?

Limited editions and dolls made before the 1930s generally sell for loftier amounts because they are considered true antiques; however, others can sell anywhere from $10–$2,000.

Is Lisa See Chinese?

I’m part Chinese. My great-great-grandfather came here to work on the building of the transcontinental railroad. My great-grandfather was the godfather/patriarch of Los Angeles Chinatown. I don’t look at all Chinese, but I grew up in a very large Chinese-American family.

Where does the term china doll come from?

A china doll is a doll made partially or wholly out of glazed porcelain. The name comes from china being used to refer to the material porcelain. Colloquially the term china doll is sometimes used to refer to any porcelain or bisque doll, but more specifically it describes only glazed dolls.

Is china doll a compliment?

“China doll” is also sexist, connoting a fragile, doll-like nature. All of this is coming up now because growing numbers of white Americans are adopting baby girls from China. Some of these parents are using “China doll” as a term of endearment for their new child. Others are horrified that they are.

How do I know if my china doll is worth money?

Manufacturer. First, make a general assessment of your doll and determine that it is actually made from porcelain. There should be a clear identification name or number on the head, shoulder, neck, or bottom of your doll’s foot. This number can be used for online comparisons or when consulting an appraiser.

What is china doll movie about?

China Doll (film) China Doll (a.k.a. Time Is a Memory) is a 1958 romantic drama film set in the China Burma India Theater of World War II and starring Victor Mature and Li Li-Hua. It represented a return to films for director Frank Borzage who had taken a 10-year hiatus before tackling this poignant, yet “offbeat” film.

Who are the actors in China Doll?

As appearing in China Doll, (main roles and screen credits identified): Victor Mature as Capt. Cliff Brandon. Li Li-Hua as Shu-Jen. Ward Bond as Father Cairns. Bob Mathias as Capt. Phil Gates. Johnny Desmond as Sgt. Steve Hill.

Is china dolls worth the watch?

Yes, there are some drawbacks with ultra-low budget film-making such as the sound, special effects but China Dolls has few limitations. It stays focused on the story and keeps viewers glued to the edge of their seat with every twist and turn. This is the filmmaker’s first feature and I’m looking forward to seeing him grow.

When was Hal Foster china doll made?

Hal Foster China Doll had lingered on Borzage’s desk from 1953 as an earlier story, The China Story. Starting out with the working title of Time Is a Memory, the film was the first co-production of Batjac Productions and Romina Productions; the next and last co-production was Escort West (1959), a western, also starring Victor Mature.