Is East Williamsburg Brooklyn safe?

It’s surprisingly safe East Williamsburg claims 1 crime for every 59 residents, just a little worse than the borough’s average of 1 crime for every 73 residents. One thing to watch out for: burglaries are nearly twice as likely in East Williamsburg compared to the rest of Brooklyn.

Is Crown Heights Brooklyn a safe area?

Crown Heights is gentrifying and is not a very dangerous neighborhood. That said, there are still pockets of less-safe areas and staying next to a psych center is less than ideal. 10 blocks is pretty far from the subway.

Is East Williamsburg a good area?

East Williamsburg is arguably one of the best located neighborhoods in the whole of Brooklyn. The area is on the border of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, Bushwick and Ridgewood — pretty much everywhere you’ll ever need to go on nights or days out.

Is Greenpoint Brooklyn safe?

Located just north of Williamsburg, Greenpoint is known for its strong local community, making it a great place to settle down. Crime rates are low and have been dropping for years, and Greenpoint residents feel very safe in this tranquil neighborhood on the northern tip of Brooklyn.

Where is the Hasidic community in Williamsburg?

The Hasidic section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn — roughly bounded by Division Avenue, Broadway, Heyward Street and the Brooklyn Navy Yard — is an anachronistic pleasure.

Is it safe to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge at night?

NYC is extremely safe. If the weather is nice and the night is clear the bridge will be packed with locals and tourists. Many people walk the bridge at all hours. I found the best time to be on the bridge is as the sun is rising there are fewer strangers in your pics.

Is Bed Stuy safe?

Bedford-Stuyvesant has an above average violent crime rate and an average property crime rate for New York City.

Which is better Queens or Brooklyn?

Both Brooklyn and Queens have great nightclubs that are less crowded and also less frequented by tourists. Brooklyn probably edges out Queens as far as liveliness, but if you’re looking for a dive or a quieter bar, both neighborhoods have plenty to offer.

Is East Williamsburg real?

“East Williamsburg is a fiction sold by real estate agents, owners and marshmallow transplants who desperately want to tell people they live in Williamsburg. Don’t believe the gentrification hype.”

Is Williamsburg New York safe?

From hipster haven to upscale neighborhood, Williamsburg is a playground for young professionals and families. Williamsburg has a below average violent crime rate and a below average property crime rate for New York City.

Is Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn safe?

becoming one of the city’s most dangerous streets. Call it the Avenue of Death. Brooklyn’s Atlantic Ave. is becoming one of city’s most dangerous streets for pedestrians, a new study found.