Is it better to use macro or function?

Macros have the distinct advantage of being more efficient (and faster) than functions, because their corresponding code is inserted directly into your source code at the point where the macro is called. There is no overhead involved in using a macro like there is in placing a call to a function.

What are predefined macros?

Predefined macros are those that the compiler defines (in contrast to those user defines in the source file). Those macros must not be re-defined or undefined by user.

What is the difference between macros and functions in the C language?

The macros are pre-processed, so it means that all the macros will be preprocessed while it is compiled. The functions are not preprocessed, but compiled. In macros no type checking is done, so it may occur some problems for different types of inputs.

Are macros faster than functions?

The speed at which macros and functions differs. Macros are typically faster than functions as they don’t involve actual function call overhead.

What is the advantage of using macros over functions?

When writing macros for functions, they saves a lot of time that is spent by the compiler for invoking / calling the functions. Hence, The advantage of a macro over an actual function, is speed. No time is taken up in passing control to a new function, because control never leaves the home function.

Why are macros used in function?

Explanation: Macro is used in place of a function because it reduces code size, and very efficient.

What is predefined function in C?

Predefined (or) library functions These functions are already defined in the system libraries. Programmer will reuse the already present code in the system libraries to write error free code. But to use the library functions, user must be aware of syntax of the function.

What are the various predefined macros in C Explain using suitable examples?

ANSI C defines many predefined macros that can be used in c program….C Predefined Macros.

No. Macro Description
1 _DATE_ represents current date in “MMM DD YYYY” format.
2 _TIME_ represents current time in “HH:MM:SS” format.
3 _FILE_ represents current file name.
4 _LINE_ represents current line number.

What are the advantages of macro over function?

Why inline functions are better than macros?

Inline functions are sometimes more useful than macros, as they are safe to use, but can also reduce function call overhead. The inline keyword is a request to the compiler, certain functions won’t be inlined like: large functions. functions having too many conditional arguments.

What is disadvantage of macro compared to a function?

The disadvantage of the macro is the size of the program. The reason is, the pre-processor will replace all the macros in the program by its real definition prior to the compilation process of the program.

What are macros advantages and disadvantages?

The advantage of macro is that it reduces the time taken for control transfer as in the case of function. The disadvantage of it is here the entire code is substituted so the program becomes lengthy if a macro is called several times.