Is LTZ 400 better than 400EX?

I’ve ridden both and the z400 wins hands down. It’s much faster than the 400ex, but you can still trail ride all day on it.

Is the Suzuki ltz400 reliable?

Maintanence is pretty easy, and reliability is good. Parts are plenty, and reasonably less expensive than the 450’s.

How fast is the Honda TRX400EX?

Generally, fresh from the factory, the 400 will do anywhere from 65-70, with most people finding 68 as the average top speed.

What oil does a Suzuki LTZ 400 Take?

ATV Power SAE 5W-40 Synthetic 4T Engine Oil, by Motul USA®.

What oil should I use in my LTZ 400?

The LTZ takes 2.2 quarts with the filter change. I use Castrol 10w40 semi synthetic motorcycle oil. YOu can use synthetic or regular, just make sure it’s motorcycle oil and safe for a wet clutch.

When did Honda stop making the trx400ex?

From 1999 to 2009, Japan-based Honda Motors manufactured the Sportrax 400EX all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). This mid-level quad-runner replaced Honda’s previous, and popular, 250R.

How much horsepower does a trx400ex have?

How Much Hp Does A 400Ex Have? The engine output of a 400EX stock is between 250-30,000 horsepower.

How much oil does a Suzuki 400 take?

3 Quarts
About this item. ***Kit includes 3 Quarts of Suzuki 4-Cycle Motorcycle Engine Oil, One OEM Suzuki oil Filter, and One Crush Washer. Formulated to provide excellent lubrication and protection for your 4-stroke motorcycle engine.

Can the LTZ 400 beat the ex in a race?

ok my cousin has an 03 ltz 400 and I have an 00 400 ex. From the forums and to my understanding, the ltz should beat the ex in a race because its newer, liquid cooled etc. Well we raced in a straight line, and i beat him by 2 quad lenghts everytime. We traded and the ex still won so not the rider.

Which is better Honda Z400 or Z400?

I know this is a Honda forum, but to be honest the Z400 is an all around better machine. They do share a lot of similarities in the chassis, weight, height, length departments.

Is the Suzi better than the 400x?

But the Suzi has a better liquid cooled motor, started out in 03 with reverse (EX started in 05), since 05 better front suspension, and since 09 they have been fuel injected. I know that not everyone wants a water cooled FI motor, but for the price, brand new 400X’s aren’t worth it.

Will the Z stay with the 400ex?

Not trying to take anything away from the 400ex though as let’s face it, it’s made quite docile itself, and air-cooled and lower hp and rpm than the z, they have around 25hp at the rear wheels, and around 30hp at the crank. Like was said the Z won’t stay with the 450 race quads either unless some extensive upgrades are done to them.