Is milios only in Wisconsin?

In 2004, we began franchising and changed our name to Milio’s Sandwiches. Today, more than 200 employees work at 21 franchise and company locations across Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. Passion for Milio’s runs deep.

Who bought milios?

A group of friends united to purchase Milio’s Sandwiches, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, with locations in Minnesota and Iowa. The new ownership group includes Brian Bergen, Timm Heller, Todd Mancusi, Tony Mancusi, and Chris Gentilli. The group has long-standing ties to Milio’s.

Who founded milios?

Mike Liautaud
Mike Liautaud is a cousin of Jimmy John’s founder Jimmy John Liautaud and Erbert & Gerbert’s founder Kevin Schippers, running competing sub shops. All three chains offer delivery of their sandwiches….Milio’s Sandwiches.

Founded 1989
Number of locations 14 (January 2022)

Are milios and Jimmy John’s the same?

Jimmy’s cousins are also sandwich entrepreneurs Sandwich skills run in the Liautaud family. Jimmy John’s cousin Mike Liautaud is the brains behind Wisconsin spot Milio’s, while another cousin, Kevin Schippers, started up Erbert & Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop.

Does Jimmy John’s still make the Frenchie?

The Frenchie was no longer on the menu! I couldn’t believe they would take this fantastic sandwich away! I have found myself craving one on several occasions especially with the state of everything now.

Is Jimmy Johns Turkey healthy?

Best–Turkey Tom: It’s a simple sandwich–turkey breast, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato, and mayo–but that’s part of what makes it a good choice. Although high in sodium, it has the fewest calories and lowest fat of the eight-inch subs.

Why is Jimmy Johns so good?

Jimmy John’s distinguishes itself from the other sub chains with their focus on freshness and real ingredients. They bake their own bread, slice their own meats and veggies in-house daily, and even make their own kettle-cooked potato chips. And it really does make a difference.

What was on Jimmy Johns Frenchie?

Jimmy John’s unveiled “The Frenchie,” a new sandwich that combines all-natural salami and capicola with hand-sliced provolone and salted butter in a freshly-baked French baguette.

How much is a Jimmy Johns franchise?

To own a Jimmy John’s Restaurant, your looking at a total investment of $313,600 to $556,100, depending on the size and location and includes initial real estate lease costs and a franchise fee of $35,000. In actuality, candidates will need $200,000 in either cash, marketable securities, stocks, etc.

What is better Jimmy Johns or subway?

By offering turkey wraps, salads, and soups they pull ahead of Jimmy John’s. “Subway has a more welcoming environment for teens while Jimmy John’s attracts adults more often. Both places have the same variety of sandwiches, but Jimmy John’s has better quality sandwiches.”

Does Milio’s use real meat and cheese?

Our meats are hand-trimmed premium cuts sliced daily in-store. Finally, our cheese is 100% REAL® Provolone and Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese. Nothing artificial here. So, if you haven’t already, visit your local Milio’s Sandwiches or order online. You can find our full menu here. You don’t even need to leave your house or office, we deliver!

What are Milio’s nutrition facts and values based on?

Nutrition facts provided about our standard menu items are based on Milio’s Sandwiches standardized recipes, representative values provided by suppliers, analysis using industry standard software, published resources, and are expressed in values based on federal rounding and other applicable regulation.

Do Milio’s sandwiches contain common allergens?

Please note that foods prepared at Milio’s may contain or may have come into contact with common allergens such as PEANUTS, TREE NUTS, SOY, DAIRY, EGGS, FISH and WHEAT/GLUTEN. We prepare our sandwiches fresh in our kitchen and we cannot guarantee that cross-contact with allergens will not occur during preparation.

What is Milio’s signature bread?

It’s the bread! Milio’s signature bread is the same recipe as it was in 1989 at our first location in the heart of the UW-Madison campus. Since then, we’ve baked our bread in our ovens, every 4 hours, at every store, every day! Our signature, award-winning French Sub Roll is baked fresh every 4 hours at your favorite local Milio’s.